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Hi, I was diagnosed in may just a week or so before my son's wedding, a very emotional day. I was recommended by my specialist nurse to look at your wonderful web site and after a tearful phone conversation to Susan at Ovacom I have been reading with interest and hope your news reports. I have had 3 cycles of chemo and am awaiting the results of a scan to see if surgery is an option. Your chatter has given me hope. Thank you

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  • Hi, glad you found this site, you will get a lot of support. It's always a shock when the diagnosis is delivered. You are a year behind me, I was diagnosed Apr/May 2012 10wks before my daughters wedding.

    Hopefully your disease will have responded to chemo and surgery will go ahead.

    Chris xx

  • Thank you I feel so much better knowing there is someone to talk to

  • Welcome to this tight knit community. You should be encouraged that a high perecentage of women get a favourable result on their 1st line treatment. It would be normal to be recommended for surgery after the 3 cycles followed by another 3 to mop up any remaining disease. We are now entering our 5th year with our 6th line of treatment after a diagnosis of stage 3 high grade in 09. Good luck love Paul xx

  • Thank you I feel better already

  • Hi welcome to the club that no one wants to join, you will get a lot of support on here.

    Best wishes love x G x

  • Welcome! There is loads of support on here, I'm glad you took the plunge and joined us. There are as many different outcomes as there are friends in here....I hope the chemo will have done its job and that you'll have a successful op. I had mine ten years ago - I have been one of the lucky ones, so far. I hope you're getting over the shock of diagnosis. Be gentle with yourself and take time to relax and think positive. If you need a helping hand, we're here!

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thank you I must admit I thought my world was over when diagnosed but having read so many messages I am now much more positive.

  • Hello and welcome! I was diagnosed back in January a month before my own wedding- not quite the run up

    I had planned. I was actually in hospital two days before but all went well and we had an amazing day. This is a great forum for 'talking' to others affected by OC and I am sure you will get lots of support. Hope chemo is going ok- I have two more to go so the end is in sight.


  • Congratulations on your wedding.

  • Hi and welcome to the site where you will get lots of answers to your

    questions as someone has usually had it or is going through it. It is such

    a relief I know, that someone else has gone through the same thing and

    are able to help.

    X Angie X

  • Welcome to our club, we are all here for each other when needed so please don't be to scared. Fingers crossed that the chemo will zap it for you, and if surgery is needed then onwards and upwards. Remember that you are not alone in this.

    Love Trish xx

  • Hi Welcome to the site, you will find lots of encouragement on here.

    Regards Barbara.

  • Dear JillWendy

    I'm so glad you found Susan and this site. It's a brilliant place because as you've already seen there are women who are in exactly the same shoes as you and that's the real plus of the site - plus many more members both men and women who are 100% sympathetic and have a wealth of knowledge to help you along.

    So a warm welcome. You're amongst friends here. Don't ever hesitate to comment, post, laugh, or cry. We're here for one another.

    with love xxx Annie

  • opps, read your profile and I should mention that this site has recently been upgraded and some of the functions aren't up and running yet. There was a directory where you could see members in your local area. Anyone know where that has gone? It was a great way of making contact with people locally as you can send them a Personal Message. If it's not yet available I'm sure it will be soon. xxxx

  • Hi thanks for getting back to me, it would be great to find friends local as well as on line. I am currently at home from work and finding it hard to fill my days. Would love to meet up with new friends.


  • Hi JillWendy, I am also a new member of this group everyone has been lovely. I was diagnosed in Dec and was told that they didn't know if surgery would be an option, but after four cycles of chemo the tumours had shrunk significantly, I was then able to have surgery and have had three more cycles of chemo since, going for a scan next Tues. I was very ill when this all started and am much, much better now so my outlook is far better than it was seven months ago, hope this will make you feel better and more positive, love Kaz

  • Hi kaz

    Thanks for this. I hope everything goes well with your scan.


  • Hi Welcome to our community and good luck with the half way scan results.

    Andy x

  • Hi there.. I have never felt alone since I found friends here. I'm welcoming you here and sending you a huge hug. Love Tina x x

  • Hi- welcome.

    This group makes me feel less alone and more able to cope.

    Best of luck with your scan results

    Anne x

  • So glad you have found us ..not an easy journey to take but the traveling is made lighter by the support help and friendship found on this wondferful site .

    There is always someone about .

    Love Jan xxx

  • Hello Jillwendy - nice to meet you, if you know what I mean...

    You can be sure of lots of people to talk to here, and lots of advice at different points. Good to hear you are already well on your path, and I will keep fingers crossed that all looks clear for the op. to go ahead -- somehow that feels like such a milestone, doesn't it?


    Sue xxx

  • Hello Jill, from another Jill - and welcome. I hope all goes well with the scan and that you'll be able to have the surgery you need.


  • Hi Jill

    I so hope you get a positive result from your scan and everything goes well for you. As you will see from the many posts you have already had, this is the most supportive site.



  • Hi, Jill.

    Nice to meet you. Hope you feel better now you found us and received all these kind messages from the other ladies and gentleman.

    Hugs, Fernanda

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