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Just a quick update

Hi Ladies, Sorry not been on for a couple of weeks but just wanted to update you all with whats been going on. Went back to work on 1st July on phased return must say its been a struggle at times (work on acute medical ward) but it was nice to be back with my friends and colleagues, who are all looking out for me. Finally saw the colorectal consultant on 27th June (this is my urgent app that i have waited 2 months for) he organised a CT chest, abdo and pelvis which i have had but still waiting for the result and also just had the colonoscopy on 10th July and the opinion is that they have found a malignancy which they have taken biopsies from so still playing the waiting game till the diagnosis comes back then the results have to be discussed in MDM and then i suppose they will call me in, at this time im not letting it worry me until theres something to worry about and i can only say that i will be glad when this year is finally over, i will keep you all posted on the results, thanks Ness xxx

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Dear Ness

Thanks for letting us know how everything's going. Look after yourself at work and don't overdo it. Can you work less hours if you find it all too much? At least you seem to have some brilliant colleagues. xxx Love Annie


Hi Nessie

I am so sorry that you have had this further setback. You have done so well to get back to work. Fingers crossed this may not be anything to worry about , as happens . I also had mucinous disease , but borderline.

Take care

Love Charlie xxx


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