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Brave ladies

How brave you all are, I read about you all on 4th + line chemo and everything that goes wrong and yet you fill me with inspiration because you stay so positive.

I got the all clear for the second time last week for PPC though I didnt expect it as I still feel uncomfortable but when I mentioned this, they were able to tell me I also have a gallstone - when was anyone going to tell me this piece of news - different pert of the body, not our domain. Its like washing the car, doing the windows but not the wheels. Anyway it is a relief to know I have something which can be fixed and help me feel better - thats if they decide they will do anything, I am expecting to be told that they wont do anything yet after all I have been through these last two years.

Family and especially hubby dont seem to realise the high rates of recurrance and they are all cock a hoop at my good news but it is very hard for me knowing that it will prob come back, that wigs and chemo might be what my life consists of for the forseeable.

Why isnt more research being done, the next step to prevent it coming back? I would be interested in hearing of any such research.

staying positive but resigned.


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Hi Harley!

I know what you mean about the gallstone! I developed bad back ache and was given an MRI scan in case the cancer had metastasised. It has become a standing joke that I am the only one of my friends to be relieved to be told she had a couple of partial slipped discs! LOL

I am no longer married and my children have accepted that return is inevitable, having had one recurrence, more chemo and another op within two years of the first. It is "friends" i have problems with. The "now you've got rid of the cancer set" and the new one which reared its head on Saturday night when out for a meal with a group and one of them told me her partner was uncomfortable around people who talk about being ill. I deal with the former by saying very matter of factedly that I was told from the start that this is not curable. I tend to lay it on a bit thick and for the latter I have no sympathy at all. They, after all have the problem so, if anything I talk about it more. I do a circular email for friends and relatives so they know how I am and what treatment is like.

As for being positive, anything else will just waste what time I have left.

Here's to a good long period of remission for you, and me come to that! LOL! The reality is that life is a terminal condition and there are far worse things to have!




Hi Harley,

When you think about it Life Is Terminal. We all have to come to an end sometime, but we have a warning of it. Gives us a chance to make sure we have enjoyed what we have left, and left some lasting memories for kids and grandchildren. Lets you get your life in order, and your wishes known before it gets to be done in a hurry or not at all. I've just had 5th line, and my family and friends are all pleased that I've now got a break from chemo, and escaped again (so to speak), but my hubby STILL will not talk about my ultimate conclusion. He appears to have his head buried in the sand but I ignore him and still talk about it openly, and what will be. Over the past few years he has taken over all the cooking (so I know he won't starve), we do the shopping together, (when I've got enough puff!), and he will also do the housework (when it gets too bad), so I have no fears about him not coping. I just worry that he has so few friends and won't go out much, but I can't make him. I do know that he worries, but if he won;t talk about it I can't do much else.

As to treatments for other things, I don't think there will be much chance of that, with so much chemo that must have affected the body I don't think they would risk surgery or anything, so it if got too bad it would have to be done with drugs. Good luck.



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