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Ladies with reoccurrance

i was wondering what symptoms anyone has had if they have had a recurrance. I was told by my oncologist that I would tell him if it was back. I had a ca125 in June and it was 6, it has now gone up to 163. I've been told that potentially it is back, had a scan yesterday and am waiting for results. I feel fine, get the odd twinge but am not sure now if that is down to the surgery I had in January. My oncologist is on holiday at the moment and I've been told I won't get the results to the scan until he's back, you would think they'd have a locum in place. How soon after having a diagnosis of reoccurance did chemo start? And did you have any symptoms?

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It is true that everybody knows their own body, and I now know when I have a problem....just the way my body responds, and the tiredness. When I had reflexology one time they confirmed my feelings with what they found in my feet! The oncologist probably won't want to start chemo until you are feeling uncomfortable - they say it doesn't matter how late you leave it on a recurrence, but you will probably want to start asap. Unfortunately once it has come back it seesm to keep on ...

Good luck



I personally think is is very wrong for an oncologist to out the 'pressure' on the patient, Yes whilst we should know our own bodies and certainly with ovarian you know if you have ascites, But it isn't, I find, possible to know if my cancer marker is rising.

I have had a steadily rising cancer marker since before last Xmas. My scans were brilliant, even shrinkage of tumours. Yes I felt tried as my treatment gives me fatigue, but only constant monitoring of the CA125 is the only thing that has made the oncologist change treatment.

Greybadger is right, if there is progression of the disease they may not start treatment until they are certain, that whatever is there, is of a size worth treating, as I am lead to believe that tumours under a certain size will not respond to treatment.

My case is very different to yours, I am stage 111c on maintenance chemo having been on chemo constantly now for 3 years & 5 months without a break. My Oncologist decided a change in treatment was needed immediately due to the steadily rising CA125.

Good luck



After3c diagnosis,hysterectomy and chemo,things looked good but routine scan 5 months later showed more tumours without m feling symptoms.More chemo followed but i was told condition was terminal and only a matter of tim e before i needed treatment again.It was 3 and a half years later before that happenned.I went to the doctors because of a discomfort in my thigh,expecting atrapped nerve but a scan revealed para aortic lymph nodes and 6 week radiotherapy followed.That was a year ago and things are good a the moment.It goes to show that sometimes you feel symptoms and sometimes not,relying on bloods ad scans.


My first reoccurance, in 2010, was after 13 years so i didn't associate the pain in my side with oc - i thought i had a kdney infection. Luckily my GP picked it up immediately and I started treatment just as i was beginning to bloat. The reoccurance this year was picked up because at a routine check, at which everything seemed fine, my husband reported my persistamt cough. Again I hadn't associated that with oc but it was enough to trigger a scan. When the oncologist rang the following week to say i needed more treatment i was just beginning to feel that it may be coming back, and within 3 days i had bloated dramatically. So from my experience i would advise that you report anything unusual so that it can be checked out. Don't wait for classic oc symptoms.

I am sorry that you are having to wait so long for the results of the scan. It is horrible having all that time to thinks about it without being abe to do anything. I hope that it works out well for you.

all the best



thank you ladies. Spoken to a nurse at the chemo department this morning as both my gynae nurse and oncologist are on leave, she couldn't say if the report from scan was back as the system had gone down but she has booked me in next thursday with the oncologist for a scan review, feeling anxious now as i never asked for the appointment and am wondering if it is bad news but she did not have the authority to tell me over the phone. Fingers crossed all this is just a false alarm, just want to get on with my life and forget i ever had cancer


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