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Thanks and my good news!

I have been reading this forum the past few weeks while I have been waiting to find out my diagnosis. I had my operation 2 weeks ago and I just found out today that my cyst was benign.

I just wanted to say thank you. I haven't said much on the forum but it was such a comfort to read your posts and realise that the world wouldn't end if the news was bad. You are all amazing people and I wish you well in your fight against ovarian cancer.

Love Julie

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Great news Julie. So happy for you.


Hi Julie,

You won't believe how you have cheered me up with your good news, we all like good news, thank you so much for sharing your elation we share this elation too, please celebrate your your good news on our behalf, onwards and upwards.... :-)

sending you my best wishes love x G x :-)


Wonderful news .....

So pleased for you and again thanks for haring such lovely news .

Love Jan xxx


Hooray hooray hooray! I am (take this the right way) glad to see the back of you. Have a wonderful life, dear Julie!


Sue xxx


Dear Julie

Thanks for posting such good news. I'm really pleased it's all worked out OK for you.

Had to laugh at Sue's post ..... but seriously if ever you want to keep in touch with all we do please do come back any time.

with love xxx Annie


can I ask how and when you found out you had a cyst?


Dear Anbuma, I went to my GP about 2 months ago because I had lost a lot of weight but my tummy was getting bigger and bigger. I was sent for an urgent ultrasound, then urgent referral to cancer centre for surgery. It was 2 weeks after the surgery that they told me it was a benign cyst.


Great news :)

Wishing you a wonderful future x


Thanks to everyone for your kind responses. I will never forget this experience.

Julie x


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