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Well it's been a long time since I blogged. I have been keepin abeast of what is happening. i have found this lot of chemo much more difficult. I am just waiting to have my last cycle of chemo. I have unfortunately had last cycle delayed by two weeks due to to low white blood cells. I am getting quite frustrated as so close to finishing and can't wait to get it all over with.

Really struggled throughout with low white bloods a d some low red and platlets.

Ca125 has come down from 160 to 91 not as much as I hoped but at least it's come down. Just hoping oncologist will let me have scan this time at end so can see if chemo has done any good.


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Hi Sharon,

Sorry you are having such a tough time, and hoping things will pick up and move on for the better soon, sending you my best wishes thinking of you love x G x


A frustrating time for you Sharon. Hope you can get your last cycle over and done with soon and that some more numbers get knocked off the CA 125.

Love Mary xx


Hello, Sharon.

Very sorry side effects were so bad. And it´s really frustrating when you have delays in the treatment. But I think you may focus there´s only one last chemo, and the end of this bad time is very close.

Hope the pet scan shows good results.




Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I have now finished my chemotherapy two weeks ago.

Very glad its over and can start recovery

Sharon xx


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