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Mri scan show ovarian cyst with pre-sacral fluid query significant???

Hi, found this site a few days ago and have gained lots of information and comfort from the members of this site. My story goes back to July 2011 when I experienced extreme stomach pain which was diagnosed by my GP as a water infection, to cut a long story short I had 7 more repeated infections with one more episode of extreme stomach pain. Each time I had back pain, pain in my left groin/hip area. Since these have started I have a constant dull stomach pain. I have put on half a stone in weight (something that i've never had to worry about in the past). In Nov 2011 I was finally sent for an ultrasound scan and had bloods taken. My CA125 level was 17 and nothing showed up on the scan. I was then referred to the urology dept in early Jan 2012 who informed me that I had never had a water infection and he felt that this was probably a gyne problem and sent me for a MRI scan which I had a week ago. The day before the MRI I ended up in A&E with extreme stomach pain put they wouldn't admit me because MRI was next day!! Have just received results to GP saying ovarian cyst on left ovary and fluid in the pre-sacral area, I have no idea what this means and have to wait until Sunday to see my GP as the doctor who phoned me with my results didn't feel qualified enough to discuss them in detail, of course this has got me worried.

It would be great to hear from anyone who has an idea of what this may mean, I've been signed off work for the last two weeks and am going out of my mind with worry.

Thanking everyone in advance


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Sorry to read of your problems. Have you seen ?

The fluid is presumably associated with the cyst.

The 'good' news is that it does not sound like an ovarian cancer.

I hope you get it sorted out very soon.

Very best wishes,



Hi Girly,

First of all I agree with Isadora, this may sound bizzare but usually ovarian cancer or cancerous cysts stay quiet for some periods of time (show no symptoms or very few), symptoms as severe as yours will usually indicate that the trouble is something less serious than cancer. Told you it would sound bizzare.

I have had friends and one sister-in-law who have experienced non-cancerous ovarian cysts and they are indeed hellishly painful.

The good news is its now found, so your consultant hopefull will remove it - its obvious you can not continue in such pain as you have right now.

You are in good hands sweetheart, its hard not to worry and normal to do so, I hope you can find some comfort in our posts.

All the very best of luck - stay safe and let us know the results.

Take good care of yourself and rest plenty, a hot water bottle and strong pain meds may help. I hope the doc has your pain under control, if not then you must ask for something, don`t be in pain if you don`t have to.

And never worry about insisting for medical help as and when you need it, remember you are special and you deserve to be heard.

Love from Tina xx


Thanks for the previous responses. Things have definately speeded up this week, GP has made referral to gynae due to MRI results, appointment in 10 days and have been called in to GPs for further blood tests!! At last things appear to be moving xx


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