2nd line chemotherapy for fast returning stage 3c OC

Hey All :) My Mum has Stage 3c OC and has completed first line chemotherapy on the neo-escape trial. Three months post this CA markers are up and tumor has returned to pre chemotherapy size with further abdo spread. The best option we have been told would be carboplatin with caelyx but none is available-has anyone else experience this and what options have you been offered? I am an only child and just want to support my Mum...finding it hard to get answers despite going to out local hospital in Devon and the Royal Marsden.

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  • Hi Kate

    I don't know that much. My oncologist told me that the factory that makes Caelyx has shut so it is very difficult to get hold of. If you find a supply it may be better to take that now before it finally runs out. There are lots of other options - Topetecan, weekly Taxol, cisplatin, germa...something. You need to proper chat with your oncologist about what the next step should be and get a second opinion if you are in any doubt.

    I am past that stage (had caelyx a couple of years ago) so I'm no help really.

    Good luck

    Love Sarah

  • Hi Kate,

    Ditto what Sarah says about caeylx. Apparently weekly taxol is now very popular for second line treatment for platinum resistant patients (which is what your Mum and I are). I saw a Professor Iain McNeish at Barts for a second opinion before starting my second line and he says in an ideal world he would do weekly taxol as 2nd line and caeylx as 3rd line. Trouble is caeylx is off the menu in the main for a while. You never know, it may be back on line next year, and Weekly Taxol may help control things until then. As Sarah says, you really need to talk to your oncologist about the options, or go for a second opinion. I can give you some contact details of some of the top ovarian cancer Dr's for a second opinion if you wish and are prepared to travel. Message me if you want them.

    Love Lizzie


  • Hi Kate,

    My onc said she would have prescribed caelyx for me 4th line but as there is a world wide shortage (something to do with the patent) she is giving me Etoposide. It comes as tablets apparently. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow so yet another to try!!! wher abouts in Devon are you I go to the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital.

    Love Marilyn

  • Thanks so much for your replies-you know it just helps to have someone to talk to. Our local hospital is Torbay but we are also going up to the Royal Marsden (under Professor Gore) for reviews and second opinions. When Mum was diagnosed in January last year we had little hope but Reading peoples stories on here really helps. Take care all. Kate x

  • Dear Kate,

    does your Mum go to the local group at Torbay. I go to the one in Exeter it meets once a month very friendly bit like here. It also helps to meet one of the specialist nurses under social conditions no uniform etc and cake!!!!

    Love Marilyn

  • No I don't think she does? I'll look into it-thanks very much x

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