Scan results mixed after 3 Caelyx doses

Well I got my scan results back today. It's showing a small reduction in the cancer, but there is more ascities than before, so I'll probably need a drain at some point, though hopefully not for a while. The oncologist plans on giving me another 3 Caelyx then another scan which he says will give a better picture of what is happening (especially as Caelyx takes a bit longer than some treatments to make a difference)

At least hes warned me that due to increased ascities my CA125 will probably have gone up again, it makes you wonder, because the largest nodule ive got is only do the dratted beasties put out the ascities when they are so small!!!! He's not worried about my skin, as the shedding shows its healing nicely! I still feel like a snake.....thinking of changing my name to Hissing Sid! (ok, how many of you remember Captain Beaky and Hissing Sid?)

Overall, not as good as we'd hoped, but not too bad. It explains why I had no feeling one way or another going into this appointment! I kept wondering if I could be bloating, but was never sure enough to discuss it!

Chemo 4 on Tuesday, then the bathroom people are back on Thursday to continue with our bathroom....busy busy busy


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  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the update.... best wishes for Tuesday love x G x

  • Hi, Chris.

    Hope your next round with Caelyx gives you better results than now.

    I'm also receiving Caelyx and having hand-foot syndrome. It's better now after the oncologist prescribed a medicine called Protopic.

    Good luck with your chemo.



  • Hi Chris

    At least not bad news...although ascites well, that's a different story!

    Good luck for Tuesday, Have a good weekend.

    Love Linda xxx

  • Thanks everyone. We have a few things planned for the weekend....luckily nothing that relies in the weather, it's cold and windy here, so no BBQ for us!

    Love Chris

  • Thanks everyone. We have a few things planned for the weekend....luckily nothing that relies in the weather, it's cold and windy here, so no BBQ for us!

    Love Chris

  • You live in a lovely part of the country Chris. I spent every weekend and holiday as a child in Bosham or a little place called Ancton between Littlehampton and Bognor. I went back not so long ago and was amazed it had hardly changed. We used to potter up the Arun in out boat on a sunny day.

    Let's hope the weather is good so you can get that barbecue out after all and distract yourself from all these worries.

    It does seem unfair that the tumours are so tiny and yet are making such a nuisance of themselves. Perhaps you're like me and have lots of little ones scattered about.

    Good luck for your next chemotherapy appointment. Don't forget to post a blog about the new bathroom. That sounds very exciting though the building process can be a bit of a drag.

    Take care, Love Annie xx

  • Hi Chris hope next rounds give some really good results. Best wishes for Tuesday



  • Hi Sid (!)

    I have a theory that is completely unscientific, but I reckon its nothing to do with the little beasties themselves. It's like our body has a security level - when it spots something nasty it goes to DEFCON2 and the ascites is a response to that...rather than being proportionate to the scale of the beastie. We do know that free cancer cells float in the ascites so draining is prob a good idea for us - or I would think it must account for a proportion of the ca125 and getting rid would give a more indicative reading of what is actually going on?

    Fingers crossed for you anyway Chris, as that rambling won't actually be particularly helpful... New bathrooms are great aren't they, so that's nice to have as a distraction and nice prospect ahead, but my god they create a mess when you are having them put in. I used to find little gobs of Plumbers Mate in the strangest places afterwards, I don't know what the hell they do with it!


    Sue xxx

  • Thanks Sue

    In our last house we had our bathroom redone when my daughter was 3. It was hilarious! She was convinced the plumber was Bob the Builder, and said so every time he went past! She even offered him pretend cups of tea all the time(shows how much they notice at that age) he was great, and played along pretending to drink the tea. When he said he was fine with the "Bob" so long as she didn't call him that in front of his mates I said that's ok, I'll tell her he's Wendy.....the plumber choked! When everything was finished, I tried to sneak her cuddlys into the washing machine, but she spotted her teddy and objected. She didn't spot a certain mouse though, so I thought I'd got away with it.....right up to when it ended up at the front of the machine, practically doing a Stuart Little and tapping on the door! She insisted I had to tenderly wrap mouse up in a towel and pat him dry, not shove him in the tumble drier (where it went when she was at play group) aren't children priceless!!!!

    Chris (aka Hissing Sid)

  • Good luck with the next appointment and scan, made me chuckle remembering hissing Sid! Hope the Sid symptoms settle down too - always something to mess us around. At least the sun is shining now so am def getting the barbie out tonight.

    Big hugs Amanda xx

  • Hi Chris

    The way I see it is that a small reduction is far more positive than the nodules growing without the Caelyx. From what I have read it takes a while longer for this drug to get properly underway so its possible the news will improve as the cycle progresses. Who knows maybe the ascites might even settle down and ca125 drop next time. Angie and I wish you all the very best for a good result.

    Andy x

  • Thanks. My oncologist also confirmed that Caelyx can take longer than other treatments to have an effect. He said the next scan will give a better idea for that reason. I've been on diuretics since I was last drained in February, so I'm actually feeling quite lucky to have kept the ascities at bay this long! Last August I had three abdomen drains and a chest drain my 2nd chemo, so only one abdomen and a chest drain so far is quite an improvement! My specialist nurse knows me well enough that if I say I need draining, she organises it without question! I'm hoping to at least get though the 14 day barrier, maybe longer.


  • Hi Chris,

    Thinking of you my friend. I heard caelyx takes longer to work than other treatments so hopefully better results on next scan.

    It will be lovely to get your bathroom finished. I always hate it when work is going on in the house but it is nice when it is done and everything looks all nice again.

    I hope they pesky ascites don't cause you too much trouble.

    Thinking of you Jackie xxxx

  • Hi Chris, sorry to hear about the as cities, but the rest sounds not to bad..... Might see you in A &E again soon then, as i have that problem again now...

    Just waiting for our carpet now, so should calm down before you, but i.M back at royal tomorrow...

  • Hi Chris

    I finished six cycles of myocet in March which i understand contains the same drug as Caelyx. I was lucky in that i didn't have to have a drain once i was on the chemo but the markers did go up and down. My biggest nodule was only 7mm so was very much thinking along the same lines as yourself regarding the little beasts. I've been told that i have had a partial response and although it hangs over me, I actually feel fantastic just knowing that i don't have to have any chemo at the moment, long may it last. my onc did tell me the same as regards to the drug taking longer to work and the fact that the markers can actually go up mid treatment, hope you get a fantastic positive response xxx


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