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Any ideas what this maybe?

Hi I have been suffering from pelvic and abdominal pain for over a year. I have constant bloating an constipation which docs thought was reason for my pain. My tummy is quite swollen though not hard an I'm so tired all the time. My gp sent me for an ultrasound which shows I have an enlarged ovary with nodules on both ovaries. I have been referred to Gynae for internal scan but could be 9 wks. I'm so scared an do not feel well at all. Could this enlarge not be cancerous they didn't mention the word tumour

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They will not know until you have the scan. You need a CT scan rather then just an internal scan to see what is going on in the pelvis, whole abdominal area , plus the lungs. Please do no take no for an answer. just badger them until they are sick of the sight of you. if you can afford it, pay to get it done privately.

love, Jackie x


Thanks Jackie I hate the waiting around. My tummy swollen like I'm 6 months pregnant x


It may be worth asking for a CA125 to see if the marker is raised. If it is you could ask for an urgent referral. You could also look at the symptom tracker on the main ovacome web site and fill it in for a few days and take this as evidence to your GP. Another idea is to talk to Ruth Payne at Ovacome - the number is on the main site - and ask her for advice.

It is such a worry not knowing but if you are better informed you will be better able to advocate for your own health.




Hi! I'm sorry you're going through all this worry. I would recommend going on the Ovacome website on ther you will see a nurse helpline number which is really good for advice, also I would go to the 'Beat ovarian cancer with Ovacome' option and scroll down till you find the BEATonline symptom tracker. You can fill it in for a few days and print it off to take to your doctor or hospital. I would say 9 wks is too long to wait for a Trans-vaginal scan, mine was all within a fortnight, also the medics are understandably reluctant to say you have tumours or cancer, they won't be able to say that until they do more investigations. I agree with Jackie though, make a fuss, cry, pester the hospital or the Gynae oncology consultant's secretary, or the specialist nurse or your GP. Has anyone sent you for a CA125 blood test. If anything shows up on there it may speed your appointment up.

Just remember, there is lots of info out there to help you to insist on getting the early treatment you need. I hope you get things sorted out quickly

All the best,

Love Wendy xx


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