HI. I wondered if anyone could give me any ideas for a very special Christmas Present for my lovely hubby.... We both feel this is highly likely to be my last Christmas sadly.

I want to give him something very special.... he's not a jewellery type of person. so that doesn't help!!

The only special thing I have done . but won't see his reaction is I have include a dedication to him in my funeral service.

Any ideas gratefully received!!! Thank you xx

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  • Hi Lovely,

    How about a nice photo of a very happy time of both of you with an engraved frame saying something that is sentimental to both of you?


  • That is a great idea.. BUT I havnt had my photo taken for 4 years!! I won't let anyone take photos of me as it's not me anymore!! Sad I know...xx

  • Nothing sad about that at all sweet I can imagine how you feel once you're told you have OC I admire everyone on this site dealing with this battle everyday you're all amazing and don't let anyone tell you different xx

  • Maybe compile a scrap book or photo album of the two of you....and write some fun memories down.....Im doing that for my grandsons...5 & they'll have something to look at when I am no longer here with them.

  • That is a good idea. I've been doing that for my 3 grown up children. I've written cards for them on special occasions ie baby's births . 30th 40th Christmas... Birthdays to a point!! and letters. Also found a lovely necklace for my daughter with lovely words. Not sure what to leave the boys something solid... not jewellery. I want to leave something for my grandchildren but not sure what.... The eldest we are very close to she lived with us for a good few years with her mum . I want to hang on to see her GCSE results next year and her A levels but don't think I'll make her A levels.

    It's awful as you can say I want to be here for this and that..... but reality says possibly not.

  • Hi Do you have a special song? How about framed song lyrics or a printed photobook of special times together? Look on sites that personalise gifts? I hope that you find that special something and that your Christmas day is exactly how you both want it to be. Sending you a big hug. Kathy xxx

  • Hey Ricky,

    I don't know how technology friendly you are I know that I rely on my brother to do most techie related things for me but you could gather a series of old photos together and make a video collage with both of your favourite songs playing over it and at the beginning or end of the collage record a personal video message for your lovely hubby? There are APPs you can get for free that will put it all together for you or get someone who has tech skills to help you with it??

    Just an idea but I have seen some of these and they can turn out really beautiful!

    Sending you a great big virtual hug and lots of positive thoughts!

    Happy Christmas


  • You could possibly get an electronic 'photo frame' that can either scroll from photo to photo or just be static, they are very easy to use and photos and messages can be loaded onto an SD card that just slots in the side of the frame. They could be happy pictures of family together in happier times and your message to him can be something that you both like. Alternatively a park bench with your details on it that he can visit?. Most councils and/or parks departments are able to help provide this service, if not your local hospice can often help with something like this. Hoping you have a lovely Christmas Day together, sending big virtual hugs and lots of love ❤️Xx

  • I'm not sure if this is suitable for you both, but what about a puppy?

  • That's o weird!! We bought another Springer about 3 months ago he's 6 months old called Frankie... he is SO naughty. We bought I'm so when I die Roxy the 5yr old Springer won't be so lonely. He is keeping me on my toes.

    Brilliant idea!! xxxx

  • I am sure Frankie will certainly be keeping you on your toes at six months. I remember when our Cocker Spaniel was a puppy we sometimes went to bed at 8.30 pm because we were so so exhausted.

  • Today I let him out in the garden as he always does he came in muddy... I thought that's weird as we have artificial grass now..... he dug our lawn up!! I looked and saw he'd dug a huge hole about 2ft deep .... right near the step into the garage .. no idea why nothing there!! He got a smacked bottom for that one . He's just so naughty Our 5 yr old Springer is an angel but looks at mo as if to say... when's he going home???

  • Had a good think nd I cannot do anothing with photos as I cannot stand myself how I look.... and seeing how I used to look is so upsetting.. I decided on OUR Song..and having it put on canvas with a special message at the bottom. I think it's lovely and it will make him cry on Christmas day but it's come from my heart and he'll know I will always be with him and most importantly I will always love him!!

    Feel tearful writing this lol .. xxx

  • Hi Ricky, I really dont know what to say to you because nothing I will say can help, I am sending you a big hug. Whatever you decide I am sure your hubby will be pleased. I think you are a very strong person, I like Springers, they are so lively and funny. Dont start counting the days but make the days count.

  • A am a glass blower Ricky. I have been making special glass good luck balls for people both at the chemo unit and now wider people to give as gifts. I am giving a percentage to a chemo charity locally, called ChemoHero. The glass balls come with a poem and you can hang them in windows or in the garden to bring good luck.

    If you would like one, I can personalise it even more for you?

  • Hi They sound awesome. I would absolutely love to buy one for my hubby something to keep forever!! How do I go about it? A glass blower wow!!!! x

  • I have posted my Facebook links below Ricky, and or my folksy shop. I am also donating £1 from each glass ball to ChemoHero. Xx

  • Brilliant I'm out tomorrow so will look at the weekend . Would an order come for Xmas ? x

  • Yes, I could post it within a day or two xxx


    It is not a puppy but they are little pieces of good luck and love in a glass ball made by me xx

  • All the ideas by the ladies above are wonderful and are things I might use for my partner. Thank you x

  • You've been given some wonderful ideas. What you have chosen sounds great and I I like the idea of the glass ball too. Not so sure my husbasnd would appreciate it though am certain my daughters would. Sending you a big hug and I hopoe you are not in too much pain. Ann x

  • A friend of mine has a really beautiful print... It's 2 sound waves which represent both her and her partner saying 'I love you'- she recorded him surreptitiously and then sent the two recordings which were then made into the graphic... I'm not sure where from but sure a Google will locate the seller!! There are also some really personalised prints which you can include all sorts of things that matter to you on the site 'not on the high street' ... You might find something that you like there... Sx

  • Love that idea!! Will Google it!! Thank you x

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