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Support underwear

Apologies for such a dull question but I would appreciate any advice. I'm 7 weeks post surgery and my abdomen still feels very sore and tender, I presume from the cut muscles healing? I have been very careful about not doing too much but I am now thinking ahead.

I aim to start horse riding again at 12 weeks post op (on doctor's advice) and as there is a lot of use of stomach muscles when riding, I thought perhaps some support knickers would be the way to go. Could anyone suggest a brand or where to get them from? I had a quick look on M&S website but there were several different ones available and I wouldn't want to buy the wrong ones.

Thanks in advance, and hope everyone has a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

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I found that M&S medium control knickers were a must for the first years - and especially when getting back onto the horses. I have just about given up riding now as I found my confidence was shot, and both my mares are v sensitive, and prone to get scary when I'm not confident. I left it until 10 weeks before getting on them, and I also found that the support knickers (not something I'd ever worn before) made the abdominal stuff so much more comfortable.

Good luck with it!




I can't speak form a horse rider's point of view, but after surgery I developed an incisional hernia so when I spoke to the surgeon I asked his advice on magic knickers (support pants) he was not in favour of this at all ...and strongly recommended that I didn't wear them... his reasoning was that I would weaken the muscles and stop them doing the job they are supposed I am not saying I haven't gone against his advice but I have limited myself in the amount of time I would wear them...I must admit they do make me feel more comfortable though and I found the M&S ones the most comfortable.

Best wishes love x G x


Please excuse the obvious mistakes ipaditis oops xx


I suspect support knickers are fine as an extra help but (like glasses) probably not good idea to rely on them! better to get the old muscles back in working order. This site is great for advice - - getting started early as poss on abdominal exercises will help - don't wait til you are in the saddle!

I was told it was ok to start some while still in hospital and hugely glad I did - but the advice leaflet was rubbish. There's a link for core strength exercises in blue down the page. These worked beautifully and now 7 months after op I am still doing them. Nice flat tum :-) in comparison to before op. i still wear support knicks when I want to feel a bit slinkier though. More importantly I have built a base, and am going to start clinical Pilates soon to build on that.


Sue xxx


Thanks all for your swift replies.

Is, I understand your confidence issues, I think it gets worse as we get older. My boy isn't spooky but is a strong and argumentative cob who likes to nap! I hate to think what he is going to be like after 12 weeks off work.

Gwyn and PR, that makes perfect sense about getting the muscles back into shape. I think I'll just wear them when riding which is only a couple of hours a day. Off to peruse the M&S website!


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