Hi everyone, any advice about post surgery excercise. The only advice I received from the hospital was breathing deeply to avoid pneumonia which I got anyway!!

My body has totally gone to flab, and all my local excercise classes are too vigorous.

I do use an excercise bike, but just wandered where I could get advice re tummy muscles and General fitness.

J.O xx

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  • Best thing ever is the fit prescription from your GP. They fill in a form and send it to your local fitness centre and you'll get referred for 15 weeks at a massively discounted rate to join a class to regain fitness with a long-term health condition.

    I went to the one at Cogan Gym in Penarth and absolutely loved it. James, who ran the class, has no personality at all and we'd tease him and have such a laugh you wouldn't notice having to do the exercises. It was very convivial and afterwards we'd meet up in the café for a coffee and chat. Just wish for that I still registered with the NHS in Wales. Perhaps they'd let me back in anyway as an old timer. It was brilliant and I'd happily pay the gym fees if they'd let me go back to that class - and that comes from someone who hates sport and exercise.

    xx Annie

  • Thank you so much Annie, you are a star, have read all your posts and responses with much admiration , will check out the excercise via my Gp

    Much love JO xx

  • Hope it's helpful Jackie. I'm full of rubbish. xxx Annie

  • When I was offered that Annie I was already a gym member! I cannot go now because of the infection risk! After my recent experience I do not want a repeat! I do miss swimming and tai chi!


  • It's a nightmare worrying about infections. I was swimmingly regularly but ended up with several infections and I wasn't even on chemo. It can be quite a challenge keeping ourselves fit with a disease that limits our activities. I think I'd enjoy tai chi too. xxx

  • I asked my GP for a letter saying it was OK for me to join a gym which she did saying I was able to do 'moderate exercise at a pace I felt able' which is pretty much saying I could do what I wanted. This was not long after my Debulking op but I would urge you check. She did not offer me any discounts though but I am not bothered about that but its worth asking if there are any schemes. Good luck.

  • Oh absolutely you are not!!? Wish you lived next door to me I'd live a sister like you xxx

  • I use a vibro plate which you can buy to use at home and it strengthens your bones and muscles and you could try a slendertone belt for tummy.

  • Hi Jackie, I've been off the grid (maybe even the planet) recently so just gradually coming back to earth. I found a couple of aqua trim classes a week were enough to get me started on my flatter tummy plan. I also have a Wii fit and did gentle tummy toning exercises, really worked. Must start again as I'm coming out in sympathy with my pregnant daughter lol xx

  • I used to do aquarobics! I went every day and loved it can't now because of infection risk and I do miss it!


  • I haven't been for a while Margaret, must make an effort and get off my getting fatter butt lol x

  • Blame the steroids - I do! LOL some advantages of steroids! No wrinkles, something to blame for the weight gain and you look well so you avoid all the sickening pity!


  • Hi I had the same problem and I went last year to my go to ask for a referral to our local gym and he laughed at me saying that they don't do that anymore and referred me to the physio for advice so check it out first. It may have just been suffolk who don't do it now...

    I walk and exercise at home now - mind you I am changing go surgeries now in the hope these will be a bit more sympathetic to me and my plight!

  • Hi Jackie

    I have a 3 storey house - every bisit to the bathroom on the top floor from basement kitchen is exercise. In summer I cycle because neuropathy in my feet makes walking a problem. For my back and stomach I use a gym ball every morning and do pelvic floor and abdominal exercises! At 74 this keeps me fit!

    Hope it helps. Most of all don't worry about it too much just concentrate on enjoying life!


  • Hi Jo, I used to power walk to and from work every day before my op, and I'm always on the go, and not one to sit down (unless someone places a large glass of wine in my hand), so I was pretty fit before my op. As soon as I was able (about three weeks after surgery) I started taking short walks around where I live and gradually increased them. I was very careful about doing housework (not easy for me as I'm a bit of a clean freak) as I didn't want to risk a hernia so I just built the gentle walking up on a daily basis. By the time I returned to work nine weeks post op I was able to walk to and from work again. Its a couple of miles each way. On my first day back I intended to get the bus but woke up to a huge blanket of snow, so I walked instead. In hindsight probably not a good idea because I was cream crackered by the time I got there but I did it.

    Just be careful you don't push yourself too hard, listen to your body as it will tell you if you're doing too much.

    Take care, Kerry xx

  • Tai chi can also be done sat down and although gentle uses every muscle. Go to gp prescriptionsize gies you free sessions from swimming to pilates , yoga, tai chi and gym all under supervision so you know its right for you. Good luck

  • Thankyou all for the advice.problem is with me is that the mind is willin but the body is very slothful and lazy.am four weeks after chemo 6 and have only just mustered up the energy to wash my hair,yuk!!

    Would love Aqua aerobics but would be worried about bugs as my bloods have hit rock bottom.

    Maybe I could start some sit ups for the flab,I have put on stone and a half since chemo start in August,due to steroids I understand.Cant even be b........slim with all the other sufferings!!

    Finished moaning now,off to do some sit ups

    Much love JO xx

  • Having read all the good advice there is little to add. I try to build in a walk every day and always feel better for it. When the weathere is wet I have a skipping rope which I can use in the garage or conservatory. Good luck with whatever you do - try anything.


  • Hi, I discovered the joy of 'Zumba gold' after chemo- I think I was a good 20years younger than everyone else in the class and by far the reddest and sweatyest by the end of the first session!! It was lovely though to dance about so as well as some exercise I got a big endorphin hit along with a great deal of laughter!! ! everyone was really friendly and supportive and the instructors are quite clued up about people's different physical needs! As weeks went on I could really see how my fitness levels were returning which was encouraging and with a bit of focus on diet I shifted the 2 1/2 stones I put on during chemo!

    I also had a 1-1 with the Pilates teacher at the local gym who gave me some exercises specifically to help with the effects of the op and walked a lot. With an energetic 11m pup- stomping around with him now keeps me fairly fit! Hope you find something you enjoy- I think that's what matters! X

  • It might be worth getting in touch with MacMillan to see if they have any physical exercise coordinators in your area. They can work with you to put together an exercise program for you and they would have more specialist knowledge. I went to a presentation by one earlier in the week.

    I was referred by GP to a local exercise program but you had to complete an 8 week course in circuit training before you were allowed to use the gym and it was more geared towards mental health so my Cancer got totally ignored. I didn't complete the course because I had a reoccurrence but this time I want to keep up some form of exercise if I can.

    I am going to ask my GP to do me a referral for the MacMillan program

  • Many thanks for that, will certainly chase up xxJO

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