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Chemo brain!

Hi girls,

has anyone else suffered from very bad chemo brain?

I could write a list on how severe this has effected me ~ this morning, I couldn`t remember if I had showered or not. So I showered again then remembered I had already done so the instant I started to soap up.

One day I stalled the car at a junction and couldn`t remember what to do about it! It took long enough to concern the impatient drivers behind me, LOL!

My brain seems to struggle with the simple mundane tasks that you usually do on orto - pilot.

At least I stir up some laughter between family and friends which is always good medicine - I panicked a couple of days ago because I had gained 10pound in one day, not funny when I am trying to lose some of the chemo weight. Then I realised I was still holding my granddaughter, LOL!!!!!!!

I lost my wig in a tree at a wedding last April, although that was not chemo brain, just an accident, but it make everyone laugh, as soon as I did. Balled as a cute at the time. We are still laughing . . . . .

Has anyone else got any funny stories?

I think we could all do with some fun!

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Hi there thanks for making me laugh !!!!

I have bouts(not as bad as you lol) I go to rooms and forget what i went for (this even includes ghoing to loo!Did i pee or didnt I? Oh better go again) The best was i went into town to pay bills at various places OK fine! Came home sorted out my finances and thought Hell im well off this month!! Yea you guessed it I forgot to pay the bills !! Healing hugs toyou friend XXXX


Oh dear Tina, yes I do have chemo brain but haven't quite done the things you have done. My main problems is trying to say something and an entirely different word comes out, the family are used to it now and do a lot of correcting. I do forget things too and do silly things.

On a serious note it is medically proven there is such a thing as chemo brain. I filled an on line questionnaire in about it earlier this year. So rest assured you are not alone and there are lots of us also doing silly things and saying silly things.

I also lost my wig in the early days. I didn't have any wig tape, my hairdresser said I didn't need any. I was out walking, gust of wind I went one way and the wig the other and there was I chasing this, what looked like a furry thing, rolling down the pavement. Needless to say some wig tape was well and truly purchased and used every time I went out.

We have to laugh at our mistakes, if not we would be permanently crying lol

Anna xx


Had a good laugh and could empathise with you. Last January after finishing first line chemo I was stopped by the Traffic Cops, his excuse was that I had a brake light not working but he went straight round to the tax disc and told me it was an offence not to display a current disc. The disc showed that it should have been renewed in August, oh my! I remembered doing it on line because there was a free entry into a draw for a car, but why I hadnt put it on the windshield was beyond me. Much discussiontook place in the back of the Police car at the side of a busy road with me playing the "I have been through chemo these last few months and have been suffering chemo brain but I am sure I have taxed the car" In any case they had the facilities to check whether my car was taxed or not. Mine was as it turned out but they were most unsympathetic and said they would have to report me to the procurator fiscal and it would be up to him whether I was prosecuted or not. Next day I went to the DVLA 45 miles away to retax my car, only to find a few weeks later the disc still in its envelope in a safe place!!!! Hubby wasnt too impressed.

Went on the steam train to Mallaig which crosses the Harry Potter Bridge at Glenfinnan, almost lost my wig while hanging out the window trying to get a photo of the front of the train as it crossed, that would have been a disaster.

I live in a fairly small town and am pretty well known, my natural hair is fairly curly but the wig was pretty straight and stylish, my hairdresser told me that several people had said that they liked my hair and could they get theirs cut the same, she didnt have the heart to tell them it was a wig.

Hubby took me on holiday last xmas, he is fanatical about switching things off and as I left the house I noticed one of those above the counter red light switches. I assumed it was for the washing machine and dutifully switched it off only to discover a week later that it had been the power to the central heating boiler. Temperatures had been below freezing all week and the house took a whole day to warm up and I lost all my houseplants. The disdain the cat treated us to for days was hilarious not to mention my poor mother in law who had come round on a daily bases to keep the cat company and feed him.

Just after losing my hair last year, my hubby and I went on our motorbikes to a local function where we had to queue to get in. I was very self conscientious about my hair loss and stood in the queue for 20 mins with my helmet on because i didnt want to take it off in front of people and put my wig on, I wanted to get to the toilets to do that, the looks I got, you would have thought I was a bank robber or something

I have become a much more understanding person after everything I have been through and my friend sent me this-


No I don't. Its hard to explain to someone when they have no clue.

It's a daily struggle feeling sick on the inside while you look fine on the outside.

Please if you or someone you know has an invisible illness,


While funny things happen with chemo brain, family and friends are supportive and understand but the wider world is still very ignorant and intolerant.



Dear Tina

I am one of the support line nurses at Ovacome and am sorry to hear about all you are experiencing. Do make sure that you discuss the problems you are experiencing with your doctors. Cancer research uk have a fact sheet about chemo brain which you might find helpful. If you want to tlak things through further do feel free to give us a ring

Best Wishes



Thanks Ruth - but honestly I don`t take it all that seriously, we just laugh our heads off and the laughter has helped me get through it all.

My eldest daughter will laugh until the tears come, we both end up with pulled belly muscles for laughing so much. My youngest daughter thinks I am putting it on - she always says "for f--- mother", that makes me laugh uncontollably. So, chemo brain is kind of good in that way.

But please don`t worry I never take the car out on a really bad day any more!!!!

I remember one day, I went into town with my daughter, I drove because she wasn`t feeling well herself. First of all I tried to get into someone elses car - but that wouldn`t be a first. One day I got into the passenger seat and belted up chatting away to my husband when I realised it wasn`t MY husband, wrong car, wrong husband. I think it made that mans day, I hope he wasn`t local, hope he never recognises me in the street, LOL!!!!!

Anyway, this particular day, I had done one or two foggy things, we went back to my daughters to change cars before making the 12 mile journey to the other daughters for lunch. Simply because Amy didn`t feel I was safe to drive the distance. Well, she played this tune and told me to listen to the words and I balled my eyes out the whole journey. We arrive at our Lisa`s who greeted me tearful eyes and said "Whats up with you" Amy replied " oh don`t bloody well ask she`s having one of those days" And we all howeled with laughter.

We had a nice lunch then made the drive back home, remember I had left my car at Amy`s, so I had to go home with her to pick my car up.

Amy has a car park at the rear of her house, when we pulled up I tried and tried to get out of the car but couldn`t understand why I was struggling so much. Amy shook her head and I know what she is thinking `this can`t be for real, mum`s play acting again` but trust me when I say hand on herat I wasn`t. Amy said in her serious tone "Safety belt mother", because she was serious that made me laugh, I laughed so much I couldn`t get out of the car because I was doubled over. Anyway, eventually I managed it, we kissed and hugged goodbuy, I unlocked my car, walked round to the passenger side, belted up and just sat, waiting, waiting for what? The next thing Amy is hammering on the window, "Mum" she shouted "who the f--- is driving you home", well laugh did we, so the day may have been a bit tricky - we had such a fantastic day, laughing at my expence.

I have walked into shops with umbrella still up - until someone kindly tells me its not raining in doors!

Oh and another one - never ever say please when I am signing a cheque, I wrote £9.99 please on a cheque the one time, I have never lived that one down because the shop assistant at the time has moved around from shop to shop in our little market town. She has never forgooten me and she always greets me with a huge grin. The bonus to that is now we feel as though we know each other and she is so helpful if I have a return with no receipt, so that one worked in my favour. I must add that funny do was about ten years ago looong before I had cancer/chemo.

Enjoy your day and think of me each time you lose your wig or do something daft - laugh it off, it does wonders for your self esteem!

Love from Tina xxxx


Hi there

When I first heard about chemo brain I had to say that I couldn't possibly get it because I had only just got over my baby brain. My youngest's 19!

Warmest wishes



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