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Catch up

Hi ladies, I have not yet caught on to the online chats. It seems they want me to register for 365, so for now declined. Well in April I am very sad to say we lost Cath-Anne. Miriam often came to our coffee mornings and patient days in Cork. She was a huge support to me. I remember she telling me a few years ago, I had to my a rig out for my sons Wedding. She told me where and I went and found the most beautiful dress and jacket. I was feeling a little negative at the time so needed that push.

So I am still fighting my corner. I do have mobility problems and hoping for injections to help this but after several phone calls it seems they have to look for my referral letter which seems lost. I also fell and fractured my knee. I am having physio for this and I must remember to wear slip on shoes next visit to fracture clinic because doctor wasn't to impressed when asked to tie my laces. I am off treatment at the moment and eating like a horse. My next onc apt is a phone consultation. I hope all of you are doing as good as can be. all the best

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Hi love,

So glad you are still fighting your corner, I am still here too

I lost someone close to me too recently and find less and less of people I recognise on here, I always hope they have become well and gone on to achieve their dream.

You and I don’t comment on here too much anymore, just getting on with life, just wish you well,

Carole xx

Hi Suzuki, sorry to hear about your friend Miriam I am sure it has hit you hard. I hope you get your injections soon & get some relief. All the ladies on Ovacare have been very quiet during these very strange times but I hope they are all keeping well . I am still having my maintenance treatment & feeling a lot stronger. Take care of yourself & hopefully you will get sorted soon Xx

Hi Joan. Been a while. Am I missing something? Having advised so.many , you have His Blessings. Take care


Nice to hear from you And Carole. We are not in here much are we, but lovely to see familiar people xx

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