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Swollen groin glands as a symptom?

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I have been experiencing pelvic and lower back pain for the last few weeks. I have also noticed that all of the glands in my groin and lower stomach are slightly enlarged. Just under my belly button there are tiny glands that feel almost like beads that were not there before. Was this a symptom of ovarian cancer that you experienced?

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Hi Andjelaam, I have experienced these at various times during remission but my swollen and sometimes tender glands in the groin come and go and the beady ‘tubes’ across my tummy also come and go. When they first happened my GP brought forward my 3 monthly CA125 but I’ve now had several steady results since this (between 8 and 10) so I’m not worrying anymore. He thinks they are just ‘blocked drains’ due to the removal of all my para-aortic lymphatic system for stage 3C. He gave me the option of an ultrasound scan but am reassured by blood test result and don’t want to do tests unless they give us information as to what action is best and, according to my GP, there is no cure for blocked drains!! The best way, I’ve found to help myself is regular walking, Pilates and swimming, not standing around (eg when cooking) too long and sitting with my feet up when I can.

As we are all different, I’d get them checked out and I just hope yours are as ‘ok’ as mine are.

Warm wishes for a good day,


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Hi Lesley,

thank you so much for your reply. I have not actually been diagnosed with ovarian cancer yet, I have just been having strange symptoms such as my hips and pubic bone feeling sore to the touch and now these tender lymph nodes. All of my ultrasounds have come back clear but I was wondering if there is a possibility for these to be early ovarian cancer symptoms. Did you experience any of this before you were first diagnosed?



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Hi again Andjela,

No, I didn't. I took myself to the GP because when doing my 'soft parts check' (breasts and tummy - which I only did a couple or maybe three times a year) I felt a swelling above my pubic bone. No pain, no tenderness, just this firm swelling. I was very lucky that my GP suspected straight away but even though I was fast tracked to the consultant, the OC had already spread into the lymphatic system. It was after the total abdominal hysterectomy plus removal of adjoining lymph nodes that I have experienced occasional swellings, which have become more frequent since a second major op to remove further tumours.

If you find you are worrying constantly about symptoms for cancer and/or other horrid things which can happen in life, I wonder if a counsellor or mindfulness or a life coach may help you notice how your thinking patterns can influence how you feel? I was already aware of these links before I was diagnosed with cancer and now I most definitely notice the links and so work at nourishing all the positive things I see and experience around me.

I hope you don't mind me sharing this, but, for me, this is working.

Warm wishes for a good day,


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