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Just a number

Anyone else find that they are being treated like just a number i like many thought that during the worse time in my life when it came to the medical staff i would be treated with compassion and support, i like many look at the Cancer charity ads and think.jesus of only it was really like that my Oncologist is great my liason Nurses great but when attending for bloods etc it feels like your just a number what really really upset me to the point of tears was trying to sort my picc flushing and dressing i dont drive my family are trying to hold down jobs after a yr of being off looking after my little girl and me so my Community Nurse due to my mobility asked for the community team to take care of it i did say i cpuld attend the hospital and have them do it but they werent really pushed they wanted me to go to Rathmines which wouldnt be possible so between being bounced around i gpt a call from a Nurse from the Community Team in Rathmines who as soon as i said hello launched into a lecture about resources and her work load i hung up in tears feeling like i was an inconvienence a drain on resourses no patient who has paid tax since 17 should ever ever be made feel as i was im here a week later still none the wiser.who.or when my picc will be done i rang the social work dept to see if there are any arrangements for patients to get to hospital tomorrow for chemo as taxi companies arent talkng bookings and got a lecture on staff having to make their own way in i dont know where they get the actors for the kind carong ads we all see certainly not mine or many other peoples experience durong this really shitty time

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Hi Tracey.What an experience to go through.Well your gp is your primary caregiver,your oncol nurse 2nd contact.Going through cancer treatment is depressing and any deviation from the treatment regime can be very upsetting.Contact your specialist nurse,then see your gp as matter of urgency.I would also ring the Irish cancer society as I found them compassionate and good listeners.I would also make an appointment with the social worker for patients in the hospital if there's one where you attend,I do know they are few and far between.

It will work out for you,go to the right people and when you speak to your gp/nurse,explain how upset you are and how it might interfere with your treatment/recovery.Best of luck .x


I think the problem is we don’t complain enough. I did point out to a nurse once who was being stroppy that she chose her job and is paid to be there.

I had no choice if I wanted to live.I would put complaint into pals, as there workloads and how they get into work are none of your concerns. Them dealing with your health and ensuring you get the correct treatment is there’s.


Hi Tracey

So sorry to here the way your being treated . I definitely felt like I was just a number when I used to go for chemo some of the nurses seemed like they couldn’t care less . People are fighting for their lives and there doesn’t seem to be any compassion . Please don’t let them get you down and complain to whoever you need to. Contact your liaison nurse as they are fantastic and tell her all of your concerns hopefully she will sort you out



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Hi Tracy so sorry you were treated like this. I think get on to your gp or gynae liason Nurse as soon as you can. I know I am replying late and hope you have got some help before now. One thing I have learned is we need to speak up for ourselves. Sadly we shouldn't have to when we are unwell. I got bad treatment from my local pharmacy a few years back and I went elsewhere and have no problems whatsoever. I did give out and told them it was unfair to play around with me when I had enough stress dealing with Chemo and illness and side effects. If you can I suggest next week when weather is kinder go along to one of the Arc House Centres in Dublin. Pour out your feelings and they will listen and perhaps help you a little. If your problem isn't resolved Monday ring your Oncologist Secretary in the hospital. Usually they can remind their boss that something needs attenyion


I know your experience has been really tough. I think the real problem is that there is not enough staff in hospitals and they are trying to deal with too much. I may be wrong. I know in Donegal I have found my oncologist amazing the nurses so wonderful and caring in all areas including taking bloods.


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