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Flu jab

To get the flu jab or not to get the flu jab...that is the question...

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Hi, I won't have one. At this point I will take any medication only when I need it. :)


I did get the flu jab, not on treatment at the moment but the next day, I felt awful every bone in my body seem to ache for about a week. Had eaten egg that morning and there is egg in the vaccine wonder had that anything to do with it. I was okay after a week or so. It did set me wondering though

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I had cold after cold,flu after flu,every bug others got,I did too. I decided to have the flu jab and haven't had anything since......to have or not to have?

Not definitive



I'd definitely have it and do. Do I think it makes any difference? Who knows? But we need all the help we can get. Side effects... never. Go for it. (she says with a streaming cold!)

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Hi there

I was faced with that question last year just between round one and two of chemo for recurrence. I was with my GP getting my usual prescription when I was asked if I wanted to have my flu vaccine . I have been getting a yearly flu injection since I reached 65 as I would be considered as being in a high risk group.

Before he went ahead with the injection he rang Oncology just to run it by them and was told no by the oncology nurse . His hands were now tied and he told me to contact oncology and try to clear it with them .

Before I rang them I called the national vaccination center and they told me that being on chemo put me in even greater risk and the advice was to have the injection as long as I had it in week 3 when my immune system would be normal. I had to fight to get my oncologist to agree . I still don’t know why they said no . It is not a live vaccine so there was no risk of me getting flu by having it.

After I had my injection I added my encouragement to other people on the Facebook page of the Health Service who were doing a campaign encouraging people to have it. I was immediately attacked by very nasty trolls. I googled some of their names to find that they were part of anti vaccine conspiracy theorists . They are the reason vaccinations are down worldwide and that deadly diseases are making a comeback .

This is just my experience and I will get off my soap box now. Before you decide have a chat with your GP and your National Vaccination center so that you can make an informed choice. Good luck



Thanks for all of your responses. I have always gotten the flu vaccine every year because I worked in a GP surgery and was in contact with the patients.I always got some flu symptoms afterwards but they were bearable. I was diagnosed with stage 4 OC in April 2016 and got the flu vaccine last year but I was very sick afterwards and had to be treated with 3 courses of antibiotics and steroids so I'm really nervous and unsure. All the health professionals say get it but my gut says otherwise.


Hi Ellen

I've been getting the flu job for a number of years and never had a reaction (nor the flu!). My GP decided to give it to me a few weeks ago and I don't think I had any negative effects, but hard to tell as I'm struggling through Cisplatin at the moment and not feeling wonderful!

I would say check with your oncology team.

All the best


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Hi Ellen,my Onc recommended I get it when I was first diagnosed.Ive got it yearly ever since plus got the pneumonia vaccine also which lasts 5 years.Ive put it off so far this year as I've a heavy cold for the past 4 weeks.


Hi Ellen, my GP waited, on both occasions after chemos, until my white cell count was "good enough to be 'Tesco-proof' !!" - say about 8-10 weeks after my last chemo on each occasion. Since then, like others here, mine is annual; now over 70 and had the shingles jab, which as it is a live vaccine, I checked with the oncologist first.



I’m due to have the flu jab tomorrow (in week 3 of cycle so that I’m at my best). Blood test in the am first to be sure neuts are ok. I’ve never had it before but it seems to make sense and my onc is insisting.


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