Avastin in stage 4

Hi there ,feeling pretty rough at the moment as l am having a tough time on fourth line chemo which l am not tolerating very well.Was just wondering if anyone knows if avastin can be given to patients in later stage disease.Kind of mentioned it to oncologist a while back but did not really get an answer.Would be glad to know other people's experiences.Many thanks.

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  • Hi Marn, Sorry I can't give you an answer , but I am sending you a virtual hug. Kittie

  • Hi Marn, I am really sorry you are feeling rough at the moment, it is hard, What Chemo is it? I had Avastin with third round Chemo Gem, Then I had it alone for about a year and a half after. It probably depends a lot on your oncologist. They say oncologists can differ as well so maybe you could consider thinking about a second opinion. Put it this way you cant lose. I know it is not readily available in the smaller HSE units because they havent the money to fund it. But have a think over the weekend and see if your gp would refer you for a second opinion. Maybe ring ICS and they might give you a list of hospitals that do provide it and take it from there.

  • Thanks so much for the advice .greatly appreciated.x

  • Hi Marn,I'm stage four also.Was on Avastin for a few months,I think I'm lucky with the oncologist I have as he throws as much ammo as possible at the buggers! Xx

  • hi Marn

    I haven't seen your posts before but maybe you were here before me. I presume you are in Ireland.,I hope you are in one of the centres that offers it. I must admit I am shocked to read that it is not offered in smaller centres . Whatever happened to fair play ? I really hope that your oncologist will consider it and if he doesn't that he will explain why . I do hope your are not refused for financial reasons. Take care and good luck.


  • Well Molly O, I was told this by a lady who traveled to Cork for treatment. She couldnt have it about 100 miles away near her home because she was told it wasnt available as that Hospital just did the usual run of the mill drugs due to costs. I presume it is correct because she would have preferred to have treatment nearer home rather than drive up and down the motorway which she did every three weeks.

  • Hi Marn, I'm stage 4. At the end of my chemo treatment ca125 had gone from 466 to 21 plus ct scan had shown significant improvement with no peritoneal disease now. I discussed with my Onc maintenance (avastin) He checked the CDF and because I have stage 4 disease I do not qualify. Was also told avastin only gives you about 8 months extra. Now on watch and wait. Xx

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