Lumps and bumps

I have stage 3, ovarian cancer . Finished 2nd line chemo 6 months ago.

On Saturday I notice a large lump in my armpit. Scan has been arranged for Friday , appointment with oncologist 2 weeks later. However tonight, I have found the glands in my neck are also enlarged.

So scared that this means the end, as i have been told once it hits the glands that's is it.

Anyone had this happen, and gone back into remission.

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  • Hi Debonair1

    I haven't had this experience, but I just want to wish you the best and please try not to worry until you meet with your oncologist. I haven't heard that once it hit glands that's it - I'm presuming this is the lymph nodes? If so, there are lots of ladies to whom this has happened and they have undergone treatment and are still here!

    All the best

    Juliet x

  • Thank you, this has put my mind at rest. Just hate the waiting, need to try and learn some patience. Once again thank you.

  • Hi dont give up!! Try to get aptmemt with onc sooner than 2 weeks tell them its urgent. Hugs and love to you my prayers are with all our sisters. Pray to calm your nerves. Stress can make it worse. I have been using frankensense and myrr essential oil mix with organic coconut oil and apply under armpits neck & chest because that is where the lymp nodes are mostly located. Jesus was given these essential oils to keep him safe from illness. When my above left eye hurt for 4 months scared it went to my brain did MRI show nothing so i applied to the area and it was gone in a week!! So my testament that it works!! DOTERRA is the company I use beware other brands are diluted and fake specially from Amazon. Good luck. Take care.

  • My oncologist is away for 2 weeks, so seeing him on his first day back.

    Thank you for all the information about the essential oils, I will have to have a look at the site. Xx

  • They should have another dr or PA while yr onc is away. No one should wait for the dr to come back from vacation. My dr is on vacation last week for 3 weeks! But i am being taken care of regardless and made sure of it. In our late stage OVA cancer time is not on our side. Sorry to be a butthead. Take care.

  • Hello Debonair1, I am hopeful that there is some type of treatment available to you and your glands/lymph nodes. Please let us know when you do see your oncologist and what the course of action will be. The more we learn and can share with each other the less fear we face with all of the uncertainty of this disease. WE are all hoping for the best outcome for you.

  • i just want to wish you well, I have been reading blogs from Emma Hannigan and she seems in a similar situation but after a few little knocks she is getting there. So I wish you well, try not to be scared, have you spoken to your gp at all about this, if not, it might be worth a chat,

  • I understand it's stressful finding new lumps but I have never heard once it gets into glands that it. while it's difficult at times there is always hope and options. I found a lump in my neck after my chemo. Bth myself and my oncologist are monitoring if it gets bigger they will biopsy. Hope you find ways to distract yourself until your appointment. Always stressful between scans and getting results.

    Take care

    Esther xx

  • Thank you. I am quite stressed about the length of time I am having to wait due to my onc being on holiday, he is the only 1 at the hospital I attend. Off to docs this morning for painkillers as the one I have at the moment don't seem to be doing much.

    Good luck, hope the lump in your neck remains stable, or better still disappears. Xx

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