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Hi just want to remind you all out there that the Ovacare patient day will be held next Saturday at Imperial Hotel Cork and also that the Park and Ride facility is to be recommended for 5euro for the day. The bus brings you into town on Lapps Quay and getting off the bus you turn left and cross the Roadway on to the South Mall and its a straight walk up to the Imperial Hotel. To get back to the Bus, you go back down to Lapps Quay, buses run every 15minutes or so, Hope to see you at the Patient day. As for me, my 125 is beginning to creep but within normal limits, my gps main worry was my blood glucose levels were high. They must be repeated in a month. He was a bit irked that I hadnt a CA 125 done by hospital since Oct 2015, so had no trending as such to go on for any of the results. Have routine apt with onc in March so got a letter for him. I havent had scan since last May which seems a long time. I suppose at the moment its only watch and wait anyhow.

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Hoping to make it Joan! Think I am going to go up to my sis in Dub on Friday and get the train from there the drive from Mayo is too long!!!

Hope you are feeling ok! That's a bit of a gap for the CA125 alright but now they will keep an eye on it! I have review on the 11th April and have already spoken to my GP about getting a CA125 for that haven't had one since I finished Chemo almost a year ago now! I am OK with that though mine was never elevated so it's not the best indicator for me!

Hope to see you on Sat!


Hi Joan, how do you know that your CA 125 is up w/o any tests? Or did you do the tests o/s of the Hospital?

Gauri had her scan and bloods yesterday and all is normal. Grace of God.


Hi Suzuki

I had hoped to go and attempted to register twice on the website. I filled in all my details and when I reached the end there was one more box to fill . When I ticked it I was now into a game which I went into with but could not finish . On my second attempt I didn't tick the box but it wouldn't let me finish as said it was a compulsory field. I just gave up and threw my hands in the air ! Then a few things happened which meant I couldnt go anyway so I will be sorry to miss it . I hope there is one in Dublin this year sometime.

I hope your Mar appt has a good outcome. As you probably know from some of my posts I believe in regular CA125 checks although my oncologist and CNS refused to consider it and I ended up getting my GP to do it after 3 years. As my next appt is on 22mar I will be getting it done with my GP this week. How much watch and wait do they think a person can bear ? I call it Watch ,Wait and Worry.

Anyway enjoy the patient day. I hope I will be able to watch it online when it's put up. It is the first one i have missed since I started to go. Take care.


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