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Hi All. Thanks to all at OvaCare for another great get together: coffee & cakes, yum, yum. Know these events don't happen without someone doing the hard background work - so Thank You.

Like Suzuki, it is great to put faces on forum members is lovely. Also, to see old friends ( who are younger than me, but you know what I mean), who continue to "plod on" with the regime. You are wonderful women.

The sharing of information at the coffee mornings is wonderful as everyone is so open and friendly.

Anyway, enough waffle from me - must eat some dinner.

Kittie, wonderful to meet you and thanks for the great craft books.

regards to all,


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I agree with you Daisies, it is a great opportunity to meet like minded people whether we are on or off treatment doesnt matter, we are all there for each other. I was just watching the Mr Bean film about the holiday and it was funny. Am heading to Andre Rieu shortly on Sky Arts 2. I do admire the resilience of the younger members too. I wont know what to do with myself after next week. I will miss getting up and going to work. I suppose I have used it as a crutch. I will plan a weekend away and a break before August. You do look good and you are happy and that is the main thing. Perhaps we can all get together before the next coffee morning. So your next place to visit is Milan, That should be enjoyable. Catch up soon


Just remember that work is only one part of our lives - retirement is another and I can recommend it as an even better part of life. But with the line of work you did - is there an option of doing voluntary or would it be frowned on.

I agree with you about the young women who are in OvaCare - they are fantastic. It makes me feel younger just being around them.

Take care and enjoy last week in work.

Maureen xx


Yes you are quite right but I suppose I was using it as a crutch as well for illness etc. Yes if health permits I can go back one morning a week later on. Its best I make the break and sit back and smell the roses for now. I will have to do some planning for days out etc. Well I know I wouldnt have got to here without the prof that is for sure.


So sorry couldn't make it,was so looking forward to it.Ended up in C.U.H yesterday with suspected blood clot in the lung.Thank God it was only muscle spasms in my back.was left home at 1 am so didn't get to my house until 2am.Was wrecked today.just proves it's difficult to make plans with this disease.xxx


So sorry to hear that, but you did say earlier in the week you had some pain in your back. It was better to have it checked out. Glad all went okay but you must have been tired. I agree it is difficult to make plans because anything can happen. I carry around immodium and paracetamol just in case. I guess it makes me feel safer. Hope you feel better soon and that they gave you something for the pain. Hopefully we will catch up soon think we might have another towards the end of the summer, Maybe we can sort something out and arrange to me up ourselves some time in the summer.


Would love to meet up sometime.Will b meeting Dr C in C.U.H on the 29th so will get some info from him.I forgot to ask the prof some questions,I know I should write them down in future.Was thinking more about putting a bit of spice into my life(turmeric) ha ha,hope your enjoying the weekend.x x


ha, ha, is right. was reading (not that I intend to cook them) some recipes in the paper and turmeric was mentioned : just remember it stains everything. So if you get it on the 'good linen' napkins - hell to remove!!!!

If only we remembered every question to ask - even when written down, the conversation can move in a different way and the last few questions are missed.

Take it easy.


Well I do sprinkle it from time to time in mince and stew. The prof said you can use it on chicken but I dont like chcken or fish or any of the things that are good for you. But as ye saw yesterday I like the pastries but then again there is cinamon in those or that is my excuse. Which leads me to a story, one of the younger staff had a check up re diet and the dietician asked him he he eat fruit or veg. So he said fruit so she delved a little further and asked why kind of fruit and he answered apple lattice cakes. She wanst impressed but we had a laugh about it.


Well just dont ask him that way, about putting spice in your life, he might get notions haha


Annie - sorry to read about your CUH "visit" - the physical body does take a battering when on treatment. But, you did the correct thing, even though it probably meant waiting in A&E.

Glad you are home and ok.

Will catch up soon.

Regards, Daisies


Hi Daisies.its true the body does take a battering and I think the mind also.To be honest I was only waiting about 15mins max in causality.I think it's because they thought it was a blood clot that I was seen so soon.Many people were waiting over 6hrs to be seen,my heart went out to them,especially the young and old.hope your ok and enjoying the weekend.x


Hi Daisies, it was great to meet you and like all the other ladies I had a great time thanks all at Ovacare. I was in bed by 7.30 last night and did not get up until 11oc this morning, I feel better for it. I hope our paths will cross once again in the not to distant future. Bye for now . Kittie


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