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Full page article on Ovarian cancer in today's Irish Times. So helpful in raising awareness. Well done to Connie8 on her contribution and very clear messages. I especially like her positive message on chemo, that it is something to be thankful for. None of us likes facing another line of treatment but I am always so grateful that there is something on offer. I am also grateful for the advice on this forum in dealing with symptoms and side effects.

As Connie8 reminds us we are closer to new treatments every day

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Yes I did read the article and found it was very clear and precise. Connie got it all in from age to smears to symptoms. Well done, we cannot highlight the awareness enough. It is amazing a lot of people think they are fine if they have a smear but that is not the case. I know my gp is now more aware of the symptoms and will act if he is worried about a patient. Thanks to Ovacare rolling out the guidelines for gp last year, most doctors are now more aware of Ovarian Cancer, Thanks again Connie 8

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