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Happy Halloween

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend and looking forward to all the little witches,goblins and ghosts who are going to call this evening.

I haven't written in awhile,wasn't feeling the best.Had MRI last Thursday so instead of waiting for results from Onc,I'll ring the liason nurse tomorrow.Suzuki,I hope your feeling a lot better and the injection has kicked in to do its work.You are amazing the way you keep going no matter what.

I found some old videos in the house last week,the tapes were covered in mildew.I hadn't a clue what was on them.I took them to a shop in Cork to rescue if possible and transfer to DVD.Im thrilled with the result.They were family videos taken 28 yrs ago.My mum and gran were in them,(who are sadly passed away for a number of years),and all my filming of my two sons when they were little.What a treasure to have and to be able to hear my mothers and grans voices was overwhelming.

I hope all you ladies on here are doing ok with your treatment and not suffering too much.I must go now and get all the little treat bags ready for the ghouls,goblins and witches who will be visiting tonight.Have a great bank holiday.xxx

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Hi annieHi, and a Happy Halloween to you to.I hope the MRI scan results are what you are hoping for.It must be great finding old videos and thankfully technology can do get things now a days. There are times over the last few years that I wish I could hear my mothers voice again but I am glad she had died before I was diagnosed because like me she is a worried. I do talk to her in prayer and my dad also and I also give out to her .( I can get away with it now😀) . I won't have any witches or ghouls or goblins calling tonight as I live on a main road and there is not many children in the houses around me but I am always prepared just in case. Take care Kittie

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Hi Annie, good to hear from you, I am sorry you are feeling unwell and we did in fact miss your posts. I hope you get your mind eased a bit tomorrow with the results, I had a few little ghouls and a few not so small ones but I would say they are done now for the night, they all had a big stash, so sick tummies later or tomorrow, My hip well the second injection didnt do as well as the first. I have some new exercises to do, do a little walking, I was told by the Rheumatologist that yogurts are good so started on them, I got the Cal- in ones with vit D, I dont really like yogurts so will move on to the yogurt drinks with the less sugar, Gosh that was a great find ie the videos and it is good you got them transferred to disc, My hubby has one or two he wants to do the same with sometime, Just a family occasion of his. I bet ye had a great time watching them all again,

Well we just have to keep on going, I am back to the onc at the end of November and I can see an mri looming or ct scan at some stage. So wish you the best for your result tomorrow, Happy Halloween


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