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This is all new and I'm terrified

I went to the ER earlier this month because out of nowhere, my belly was extremely bloated and I knew something wasn't right. I received a number of blood tests and a ct scan and a reco to meet with a gyno oncologist- looks to be OC.

I now have been diagnosed although seeing both oc and paritoneal cancer both used. My treatment plan is chemo, then debulking surgery then more chemo. Tomorrow will be my second infusion.

I am in my 40's, am so scared its hard to breathe. I had one procedure to drain and analyze the ascitates. It seems the procedure dragged cancer cells to the area and now likely have another node growing there.

'My abdomin is huge and growing daily. Now i can barely walk with horrible back pain, but dr wants to avoid draining again and let the chemo get to it.

Has anybody had simular experience with ascitites? I am up almost 20 pounds from this growing volume. How long did it take for chemo to slow it down? Any suggestions for coping with the giant belly?



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Hi Spencer and welcome to the site, you are indeed having a tough time of it. I would hope the Chemo tomorrow will help reduce the ascites for you, I expect your oncologist knows what he is doing so hang in there. I have not had ascites during chemo so I really cant help you in this respect, Perhaps you could ring the Ovacome Nurse if you are in the Uk and she may be available to give you some medical advice. I imagine you should cope by wearing loose clothes and perhaps gentle exercise. So also speak to your cns tomorrow and perhaps a registrar may be on call in your hospital and you can speak to him and get some reassurance. Sorry I cant be of more help best wishes but do come back and let us know how you are doing

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Oh Spencer I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time of it. I had a plural effusion, that's how they found the ovarian cancer. I had mine drained before I had surgery, so I am sorry I cannot help you in regards to ascites during chemo. I empathise with you, it's so uncomfortable and no doubt you are freaking out, it can be so shocking, but I know you don't think so right now but you will get through this. Take it one day at a time. Be open with family and friends as to how you are feeling, it does help to talk to someone, or if you cannot do that you can always take comfort here on Ovacare.

Be kind to yourself.

Gentle hugs fom

Damelza xx

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Spencer, when I was diagnosed, (April 1999) my stomach was huge and I looked 9 months pregnant. My husband had to fasten my shoes for me. A small amount of fluid was removed for testing after which I was told it was malignant fluid (there was blood in it) and I had cancer, although no-one seemed to know the type of cancer until my Ca 125 result came back at 9,800. I also had massive pulmonary embolisms and was immediately prescribed a Heparin IV to help thin out the blood. Before leaving the hospital I was taking Coumadin.

You asked how long it took to slow the volume of ascites down ... Well, in my case it started reducing slightly after the first chemo (Taxol and Carbo'). We knew this because my family Dr measured my stomach at each appointment. I had 3 chemo's prior to surgery and when I read my surgery notes, it said there was just a small volume of ascites left, so I'd say it took 3 months for it to go altogether.

I remember when I had that ascites my legs swelled also and none of my clothes fit me so I wore smock style dresses that would drape over my huge stomach (luckily they were in style at the time). Following surgery I had 6 more chemo's, but after the 5th one I was told that I was "disease free".

So, although you feel uncomfortable right now, I'm sure the chemo will get rid of the ascites as it did for me. My diagnosis was stage 1V and I'm still here with no evidence of disease, so there's something to hang on to. I know you're very scared, but be good to yourself ... rest when you need to and make all your focus on getting well. Good luck! Sandy.


Hi Spencer,

Hope things are going in the right direction now,l had ascites,looked pregnant and was drained over a 2 week period,I was diagnosed as 1c.

I had a debaulking operation and then 6 months carbo/taxol and have been disease free since March 2015.

It was hard to breathe and walk, I just used to wear loose dresses and lie down a lot as I was also constantly tired and not eating a lot.

Hopefully the chemo will attack the ascites and you will start to feel more comfortable and the operation will add to that.Your team have obviously worked out what is best for you and you will see results soon.

Let us know how you are,

Lots of love

Carole xxx

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