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Had a brilliant night last night.The ABBA tribute band were brilliant.I didn't have raffles etc during the night,I just left a bucket inside the door for donations.I think it was €1374 in the bar and people who couldn't make the night also donated money plus hubby retired last week and his company donated €500 so must add it all up and give he the final amount tomorrow as received more money tonight from some neighbours.

We ran out of Teal ribbons and leaflets and every leaflet was put into a handbag so,wasn't just left there.103fm and Patricia messenger gave a good advert for the night and we spoke about Ovacare on radio.I spent 4 hrs napping today ha ha.

Was taken off my drug yesterday for 5 days as wasn't feeling well for the past 4 weeks,one of the tumours in lung has grown to 2cm.Last night I stuck my tongue out at the cancer,gave it the two finger salute,locked it in the drawer and went out and enjoyed the night and made sure everyone there enjoyed there's also.xx😉👏👍🏻🍷💗💃🎶🎵🎤

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  • Well done Annie H, I have seen the videos I wonder could you post one on here? or even a photo, it seems like an absolutely fab night. Well you have to be admired for organising such an event and singing when you were upset but look tomorrow is another day and singing does boost the immune system, Bet you enjoyed last night far more than A and E, You did brilliantly in your fundraising in fairness, no wonder you slept four hours today. Grainne is gone into town tonight to show hubbys nieces the Saturday night hi life. It is their first time away together ever, they are staying in town and having a ball, They were here earlier in the day. Well done again you rocked your home town last night


  • Well done. Glad it went well. Ann x

  • Just counted what was there,€2300.Got a txt this morning from another lady she has more money to drop in to me during the week.The owner of the bar counted the donations on the night in front of 3 witnesses and had them sign off on it,so it was all done legally.The staff in Blarney Castle donated over €200 and the ESB € so happy it was a success for the Teal Warriors.xx

  • Brilliant, you should be so proud of yourself! Xxx

  • Hi annieH1, Congratulations on what sounds like a wonderful night and what an amazing amount money to make. Take a big bow and be very proud of yourself. Kittie

  • Brilliant. Well done you for the fundraising and for donning the outfit and putting cancer in its box for the night and enjoying yourself xo

  • Hello Annie H, so glad the ABBA night was a great success , you deserve it , you put in a lot of work to make it happen . Well done . I saw one of your pictures and it was enough to make me feel like getting up to dance .I was unable to go on the night but I'm not going into that now . Like you I'm trying to forget those bad days and concentrate on the good ones . My second grandson is being Christened this week end, I'm focused on being there and enjoying the family celebration .Annie I wish you well dealing with the growing lung tumour , your mental positive approach will carry you through this too. X X Lupins .

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