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HI Ladies, I am wondering if any of you have heard of Salvestrols, I hadnt until the other night so have done some research. It is composed of all fruit and veg component and helps body recover after Chemo and possibly help prevent a recurrence. I am wondering if any of you have heard of this and used it. It seems fairly expensive to purchase about 46sterling. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has taken this and what effect it had on your illness. I have googled and while there are good reports, I am in two minds whether to buy or not.

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I'm taking them. A cousin wanted me to take them from the start as his friend had an amazing results for bowel cancer. I was reluctant because most of the research on salvestrols on the net has links to sites where you can buy them. The author of the research articles appear to be shareholders of these companies. However, my cousin bought me three months of therapeutic dosage so I started taking them. I pretty quickly felt a positive effect in that my head felt clearer and my exercise tolerance improved. (This could also have been down to the improved weather conditions in spring ). Since dropping to the maintenance dose I don't feel quite as good but still better than I was. I don't know if they've had any therapeutic benefit on my cancer yet but I have a CT scan next month so will keep you posted....

Sandra x


I have done a little research and they are available in Ireland in Heres Health, not any cheaper on line though. It wil be interesting to see how your ct scan is. Then yesterday, it seems also good to have brocolli three or four times a week to give a similar benefit. I like brocolli so it is no problem for me to eat it but sometimes, it can cause wind etc


Hi Suzuki, I have taken Salvestrols for the last four years after a second reoccurrence of OC. I hope they are doing some good but can't say it definitively. I had one lymph node taken out two years ago and just seven weeks ago I had further laoarscopic surgery to remove a lump. I have been back to my onchologist and they will continue to monitor me but I am not taking further chemo at this stage as I had a very bad reaction to it five years ago. So my hope is that Salvestrols could work to keep me well longterm.


Thank you so much for your kind reply, I am keeping it in mind at the moment


Hi. I just had a bit of a trawl through the net as it were (am having a low energy day so lots of time to browse). I found a good site called quackometer.net which looks in detail at supplements etc in a non biased way. You may find it useful to see what they say about Salvestrols. Hope you have a good day.

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Hi there thank you for that I did have a look at that site and have decided against same. I am not doing so bad stable so better off eating the right foods most of the time, I do like the odd sweet etc no harm at all in that haha


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