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World Ovarian Cancer Day

As you may be aware the 4th WORLD OVARIAN CANCER DAY will take place on May 8th as it does every year. A media campaign will be running in the lead up to this day. A TV advert highlighting the BEAT awareness campaign fronted by Miriam O Callaghan will run on UTV beginning tomorrow.

Keep an eye out for other awareness campaigns which will be shared across many social media platforms including one which the ovarian cancer charities in ireland have joined together along with Breakthrough Cancer Research to launch the BEAT campaign with guidelines being rolled out next Monday. Don’t forget to SHARE SHARE SHARE!!! 

If you would like to visit the official World Ovarian Cancer Day website, we have included the link below. They are running the #knownow campaign where women from all over the world are leaving messages of pieces of wisdom that they have learned in life.


We would love to encourage you to hold an awareness event in and around May 8th. if you would like us to send on leaflets or ribbons for same just give us a shout and we’ll get them to you.

Let’s make some NOISE!

All the best

The Ovacare Team

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shared on fb and will do so for next few days I feel it will be a worthwile campaign, a pity the tv station is taken up with the new Taoiseach but c est la vie


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