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Tips for dealing with constipation

did some research on high fibre foods and looked at the dietary recommendations for the amount of fibre women should have every day. Since many of the chemo drugs are constipating you may need to increase from the recommended 25g a day to 30g a day. Of course you must have at least 2 litres of water every day or this won't work..the bowel is a creature of habit and it may take 24-48hrs for your bowel to adjust to this regime

Choose from the following to make up your 30 g

All bran 40g fibre 11g

Raspberries 100g Fibre 7g

1Avocado fibre 9g

Whole wheat spaghetti 1cup (USA) 6g

Cauliflower 1cup 5 g

Brussels sprouts 1cup 6g

Black eyed beans per can 15g

Kidney beans per can 16g

Lentils per can 16g 

Flaxseed 1oz fibre 8 g

Chia seeds 25 g. Fibre 10g (I mix this with a pot of yoghurt)

French beans 1 cup 17g fibre

Happy pooping😂

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Your post is timely! First Chemo on Tuesday, 4 weeks after my total abdominal hysterectomy and unfortunately my constipation started the week before chemo. I'm now having Nutribullet drinks - lots of fruit and veg in the mix, weetabix in the morning, lots of water -at least 8 glasses but I think the Ondansetron has not helped and it's worse since the chemo session!

 I will definitely add more from your list and MANY THANKS for posting. 

Probably too much info but I spend a lot if time on the loo each morning, feet slightly higher -propped on a couple if old books, and gently rocking. It takes time but has worked but I'll eat more fibre now! 


Hey all!! 

This is something that I had to work very hard to manage during chemo! I asked the nurses in the chemo unit and they gave me Emend as antisicknesss which helped a lot! But the biggest thing is hydration drink as much water as you can stomach it really helps!!! I finished my Chemo on the 30th and it's only today that I am begining to feel good again, very tired but good but the digestive system was in a heap this time too! Prune juice, kiwis and pears help too!!!

One treatment done and dusted Choski......woohoo!!

Onwards and Upwards.



Hi ..I have just finished my first day. All went well ..great to hear you are getting are back on your feet. Keep me posted re how long it takes for your energy to return .I want to plan a holiday but not until I have the energy levels back. 

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HI Mary Rose! 

Bet you are glad to have started I remember it was a relief just getting the ball rolling! Take each day as it comes I found that there were about 2 days that I was not able to do much but most of the rest of the time I wasn't too bad. I felt dangerous driving for a few days as the fatigue was intense so my car has had some breaks lately! But I was generally back at work after week and was able to do most things!!! 

I am going to Malta on the 25th will be three weeks after last Chemo! I love to travel it's my very favourite thing to do and didn't get anywhere last year so cannot wait to get on a plane now!!! 

I hope the next few days aren't too bad for you but take it easy on yourself and keep hydrated!!! 

One down 5 to go!!!! 



Good luck with pooping naturally; I shall be very envious! Two ops (bowel taken out to access lymph nodes & them replaced in both) followed eac time by full carbo+taxol & second time with addition of avastin, either my tummy can't cope with the volume of fibre needed or my bowel is still sulking from being manhandled, but I had relied on 'Movicol'/Laxido/any othe equivalent power in water....five years now and peace of mind that 'everything can work' quietly and most un-noticed now!

Hope you can 'work' on natural foods but if not please don't despair. This laxative help is the only medical help I take on a daily basis since last chemo finished two& half years ago. Diet I've made up from help from a dirtician to suit foods my tummy enjoys gives my body a 'powerful nutritional pinch' in a small amount of food & my gut flora, dessimated in chemos, is helped by the Eastern European probiotic drink, Kefir, which I came across (suggestion from our village butcher-a lady!) about 9 months ago. 

Hope the day is good for everyone. Keep being kind to yourself!!



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