What does it mean if you relapses within 6 months of all clear?

I've seen platinum resistance written lots when people have relapsed within 6 months? Has anyone experienced this and what does this mean? How does treatment for chemo nearly work for the relapse if within 6 months? Mum had amazing response but now looks like she has relapsed 4 months after all clear 😞

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  • Hello Be-Positive,

    I'm sorry I can't help at all from my experience, but I do recommend you ring the Ovacome nurse helpline - it's now a freephone number 0800 0087054.

    Good luck to your MUm,

    L x

  • Thanks Lesley, I will give them a call and ask them some questions. :)

  • Look wait and see what the scans and bloods will show. There are other chemo regimes that your Mum can possibly have. I would suggest you write down questions as you think of them so you have them when you go to see your Mums oncologist for a plan of action. Perhaps also ring the Ovacome nurse for information, Thinking of you and your Mum

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