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Enlarged ovaries

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Hi Ladies, new to this site, have had MRI, CT and CA125 done CA level came back at 58, had a call from my doctor today to say their team will be discussing my scans ect, to decide what and where they will perform surgery, as it has spread to my pelvic area with some fluid, not too sure about lymph nodes!!! But will need surgery and chemo. Not too sure how I feel 😒

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HI Lorent, I expect you feel quite numb at the moment, a lot to take in and digest. If you are having a full hysterectomy, I suggest you ask your team re removing lymp nodes, some doctors do others dont but it may be a good idea in your case. So the team are having a meeting and will get back to you re your plan of treatment. I can imagine the scenarious you are going through at the minute but try and take each day at a time. Try and focus on doing something nice, perhaps a treat or two so that you can take your mind off this from time to time. I want to wish you well, if you have any questions, write them down for your next consult as you think of them. We are a nice group of ladies on here willing to help and support you. There is also an Ovacome helpline which I believe is answered by a nurse. So for the moment try not to worry.

Hi Suzuki, thanks for your reply, helps to talk to someone who has been there, yes my mind is running riot, as lost my mom at the age of 70 in 2014 through OC, worse thing is I didn't have much signs only hip pain for a while then some swelling in legs, otherwise was always fit and healthy for 52, but will keep as positive as possible, reading some of these girls stories how can we not be ! Take care

L x

Caroles1 in reply to Lorent

Hi Lorentz

Don't worry, I was found at stage 1c, had the op and 6 months of chemo and am here to tell the tale,I was always fit and healthy and it was a big surprise and I agree with Suzuki you are probably a bit numb, but we have all been there and we are still here and fighting!

Treat yourself as much as possible, I was never a self obsessed person, but sometimes you have to be.

We all find ways to get through and this is the right website for advice and motivation for the kind ladies that are here

Wishing you all the best, let us know how you get on

Carole xxx

Hi Carole, thank you for your reply, it is so good to hear from others who have been through it, going to see my gyn on Friday suppose I will know a bit more in detail, will let you know what's happening from there,

Will stay positive with the help from you ladies ,

take care L x

Hi Lorent

I too am new to the site and can't tell you how lovely everyone is on here.... I guess we all know how you feel... Myself I guess you cannot really explain how one feels, it's all very confusing and hard to get my head around it but one thing for sure to stay positive and sounds hard but I had to look forward to getting sorted out... My bloods showed level of 52 back last June and by Oct they were 240 I had an Ovarian Cyst that grew to 6.5lbs in 4ths I had major laparotomy & full hysterectomy 10wks ago confirmed Cancer in Cyst and Ovary I have just had my second hit of Chemo yesterday.... Please try to stay strong and take care ......

Kind regards


Hi Karen, yes it is so confusing, everything seems to run through your head, how was your first chemo, did you find it hard ?

It is so good to be on this site, so many strong positive ladies, hope I can be one of them too :)

You will be in my thoughts and prayers

Take care

L x

Kaz22 in reply to Lorent

Hi Lorent

To tell you the truth the first Chemo was worst than the second, although everybody tell's you the side affects but nobody really can say how it is going to affect you I know in my case I was trying to think of everything that I had been told but didn't concentrate on my own body and listening to it, I worried too much about what might happen instead of keeping it simple.... It is not easy as you get lots of different little things/feelings and I find every day is different.... I got more organised for my 2nd go. I drink a lot of fluids leading up to it I find Coconut water is very good, cut out fizzy drinks (but do get craving for it)! Not going to the Loo (no 2's) was the worst thing the first time, so every morning since my first 1 I eat 5 fresh fruits with natural yogurt & prunes for breaky! Also eat light meals leading up too and during, home made soups, fish (instead of heavy meat meals) & salads are good etc.. Also I cut out bread!! Doesn't sound like fun I know but has made huge difference to me... Stock up on lip salve & Sambucol (very good natural immune boost can get from any good Health store). Anything with Ginger in has helped me too... I had trouble with the strong anti sickness so have just taken the lighter ones this time and suits me better. Best advice is try to keep calm and rest when you get home and are on the Steriods as I found myself running round like a headless chicken and thinking of a hundred things at once, then when you stop taking them I found you hit a low... Hope this helps anything else I can help with don't hesitate to message Me.....You are in my thought's too...

Karen x

Hi Karen, thank you for taking the time out to message me, it is a great help to have some idea what is to come..... I hope you are not feeling too bad after your second chemo, you will be in my thoughts and prayers,

I am off to see gyn this evening at 5, I am hoping he will have some idea of when this surgery will take place, think I will feel better once I know what's happening......

Take care of yourself with plenty of rest !!

L x

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