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Ovarian Cancer Stage 1a

Hi Everyone,

Was just wondering if anybody else struggles with Carboplatin? I am about to have my second treatment today of 6 and not looking forward to how I felt after the first treatment 3wks ago.... I had trouble with going to the Loo! and sickness feeling all the time also sore mouth and throat didn't actually start feeling better until probably coming out of second week.... I had major Laprarotomy with full Hysterectomy 10wks ago. Was just wondering if anybody had any tip's....

Thanking You all in advance....


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Hi Karen, you should tell the Oncology nurse how you felt after your 1st treatment ( they will ask you anyway) and she will probably get the doctor to write you a prescription to help you with both the sickness and loo problems. I found salt and water the best thing for my mouth you just boil up the water put in a bottle with salt and keep it in the fridge . Kittie


Hi Kittie

Thank You so much for your tips every little helps as I do find the Nurse's are wonderful but the answer's I get when I ask are 'Oh yes that's a side affect'....so if happens again this time I will try salt in water how simple...

Wishing You all the best

Kind Regards



I did the 6 cycles of taxol and carbo and also among other things had horrible constipation. I am in the states I was told to take miralax supplement at breakfast and also at dinner all through chemo. Definitely helped Although Still discomfort. Definitely get yourself on some regimen for the bowels. Will feel miserable otherwise. Good luck!

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