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I just had to tell ye, got a phone call from a guy today to ask if he could send me tickets for a draw for CUH charity. I was so taken back, I asked him to repeat what he had said. So he got his answer, I told him that my Health Insurance was paying enough to hospitals every month etc. I did ring CUH and apparently there is now a Charity Office there. Some of you may be aware but I certainly wasnt to be honest. So I asked what data base they use, ie not patient data surely and I was reassured that the details are got from a National Directory of names nothing to do with our patient records. I cant understand why and how they got charity status. They are are run by HSE and government funded. What next?

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Thank you so much for making us aware ! It is diabolical that govt funded HSE is running ' charity ' ....It is also sinister as to the source of their data base !


Well the receptionist at CUH is taking the brunt of the complaints as the Charity Office wont take calls. Might be one for Neil Prenderville. Surely they have to pay this call centre they are using so very little of the money collected from the draws would be going towards providing better facilities. There is a Childrens Ward Charity already there which is run by the staff and parents and ACT who have been there for a while they provide teas and coffees for rt and oncology patients. Surely having a hospital charity is ott.We need more nurses and junior doctors and consultants. It is ridiculous


Got a phone call yesterday from the same charity Suzuki.Its amazing how they get names.I asked my friends and family and neighbours if they had received any phone calls from the charity and they said No,so not sure where they're getting names.The HSE has really gone to the dogs and it's amazing that there's no one complaining to the media about the phone calls .The patients will be doing their own scans next etc!


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