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Cancer Awareness

Just a quick note - Health+Family Supplement of Irish Times today, Tues 26th May has an article on OC and risk factors etc. But also is an interview with Joan Moore & also June Feeney of Ovacare with their stories.

So, another article to raise awareness - well done to all concerned, included Juliette Casey, sister of Emer, who died very young from the dreaded disease.

Regards & Well Done.


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Hi Daisies, the photo on line was a lot smaller, apparently the lady who wrote the article has got great feed back which is good. In the meantime UCC Cancer Society saw it on line and shared it on facebook. They recognised the face from the Choir so I am sending them on the leaflets I have left from SOCK and Ovacare. If a few ladies out there reading the papers and seeing it online, recognise the symptoms today, hopefully they will go and get checked out. That is what we need. I actually shared part of yesterdays article you mentioned on facebook and added a comment saying that Cancer Patients shouldnt have to attend a and e, and be open to cross infections from people trotting in and out all the time etc


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