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Well I got a lovely email today from a member of the Irish College of General Practitioners. She stated that she is doing her utmost to highlight the issue of Ovarian Cancer at committee level and higher. I also have some information leaflets from SOCKS which I will distribute to surgeries nearer World Ovarian Cancer Day. So in the meantime I have scan on Thursday with treatment so I drink the lovely drink while hooked to the infusion of Avastin. Apparently this is a new system in the hospital so that Vhi will cover the lot. I dont see the oncologist until end of April but if they need me to come in they will let me know so trying to stay positive.

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Well done Suzuki.Your really proactive for the cause :-)I was a little disappointed on Friday night with the gyneoncologist on U.T.V,That was a fantastic chance to broadcast the symptoms of O.C,but what he said was very vague.Bloating,Feeling full and generally feeling unwell is too little info of the symptoms.As I said to Daisies,I'm not getting notifications of members messages on the forum ,so again thank you for yor wonderful work on our behalf.Best of luck with your scan.x


I am the same I am still not getting notifications to my email account but I just go straight to Ovacare site and get on that way and know what is happening. I dont know if it is because my email account was upgraded or what but as long as I can keep in touch I dont mind


That is great. Miriam Daly is very committed to getting the guidelines released as soon as possible and Ovacare have met with her previously on this. She made a committment to always include ovarian cancer in any education programs she would do.


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