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St Patricks Day

Just to say I hope you all are having a nice day, brilliant to see the Sun. Went for a spin to Kinsale and we came upon their parade. It is amazing how a small Community can have such a big Parade. It was great to see the different groups participating from nursery schools to young soccer players, the Old Steam Engine used on the road by the County Council in years gone by, the lovely vintage cars and of course Mr Sun was out, it was really a lovely day. I hadnt been to a parade in years but this was really something special.

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Same to you Suzuki xx


Glad to hear you had such an enjoyable day. We took the kids o the parade in cork city today - great fun🍀🍀


It was a glorious day yesterday and also today.Its lovely to see kids in a parade and also see kids stare in wonder at the vintage cars,tractors and of course the fire engine.Wonderful that most of you got out to enjoy the day.The worst thing about a sunny day is I can see the dust on the windows,time for cleaning I think ha ha!

Going to Killarney tomorrow for a night away with hubby and we're leaving Mr Cancer at home!;-)

I contacted a few free newspapers in different counties to print an awareness on Ovarian Cancer.The Kerry paper rang me yesterday to give an interview ob phone but when I said I was from county Cork,they couldn't or wouldn't print it,the reporter said it would have to be someone living in Kerry.So if there is anyone on this forum from Kerry,could you maybe send in an article .Sent an email to Limerick radio also.They rang me a few mins ago to see would I go live.At least this time I'm furnished with the correct information.They might not ring back but who knows.Enjoy this wonderful day and for those that had treatment today,I hope all went well for you.x x


Yes Annie, I will contact a few free papers here, Bishopstown News, Douglas Post and Douglas Weekly. I didnt get any leaflets yet fromSOCKS and never heard back from Irish College of General Practitioners, maybe they think I am a nutter. I might actually ring them tomorrow and see where my email is gone. Today is really nice, spent a bit in the garden pulling out weeds one type of weed has thrived during the winter. Now I have a blackbird checking my flower bed out for worms. You enjoy your time in Killarney, the mountains and scenery down by Muckross always gives me a sense of peace and I also put mr. cancer in his box before I get down. If you go through Ballyvourney there is a small cafe by a petrol station and they do homemade scones and coconut buns. I am sure the weather will stay nice for you and your husband. Yes I have to say that I enjoyed the Fire Engines, in Kinsale Parade but what struck me was the community spirit is so alive there. Not like living in a suburb as I am. I am in two minds about the Huntsmen and Hounds leading that particular parade, I am against hunting being a city woman. The Horses were totally well cared for and groomed as were the hounds but I have reservations about hunting wild creatures,


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