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Happy New Year to all in OvaCare and all patients and their families and friends

Hi all, its been a busy few weeks here with 2 small boys to mind and hang out with for Christmas and New Year and I'm only getting to check up on mail today. Im wishing all on the site a very healthy and Happy New Year for 2015.

Pre Christmas was a difficult season for me as I had a family funeral & a friend got diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I find I was never an over emotional person up until my diganosis. This has changed and I'm trying to go with it. I resort to mindfulness if I get a chance and if I'm very overwhelmed I have anti anxiety meds. Talking openly about feeling down or out of sorts with a female friend gets easier every time I open up. ( again a new experience )

I hoping to be back on Avistin in Feb 2015 and hoping the bowels and other problems will be fixed with small procedures.

Thats my update and Im after finding a site on line to relieve pain via tapping- I followed some you tube sessions and found that some physical pain that I was having halved !! i was impressed - I must try it again- has anyone else discovered this ?

Again Happy New Year and if your celebrating women's christmas hope you have a lovely time with your female friends and family.

hope to see you at the next Ova Care patient day in Cork in Feb 2015

ps I'm making some art in the evenings and I'm using some of my quotes and from others including medial professions, patients, family, friends, fellow oncology day trippers etc. I might post some up when i get a decent body of work together.

all my best wishes


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Hi Sinead, well you had a busy Christmas with your boys. Then you had sad times too. I am allergic to funerals and just go to the Church to meet it or to the Mass. I just cant cope with anything more, we are probably all a little the same. Hearing a friend has to have treatment etc is upsetting because you know she is not going to be herself for a while. I find Mindfulness does help and even to ground myself for a minute or two helps. I know I should do it more often but I do like reading the books by Jon Kabat, "Arriving at your own door" is a good one I got them on Amazon. I have thought about acupuncture to reduce any inflamation in my body but not sure who to attend. I do get the reflexology from time to time in Arc Cork and a chat with one of their listeners is also beneficial. Art is good therapy, and I am sure you will get much satisfaction out of your project. I had a break last week from Avastin as hosp closed New Years day so getting it next Thursday. Mainly it affects my sinuses and the onc team are aware of that but my gp decided as I had a bad sinus infection to send me further so have to see an ent consultant on 13th, He has already put me through shoulder surgery since diagnosis so I think he is just a sadist trying to torture me more/ Having said that, the shoulder surgery was worse than chemo and wasnt a huge success. So it will be interesting to see what happens mid January. I hope your procedures go well and that you will be back on the Avastin when its done. I have no plans for Tuesday night, I am a party pooper.

I wish you a happy new year with lots of fun times with your boys and family

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Hi Sinead, what a time you have had, but its great you had your two boys to help take your mind off all the bad things that happened to you coming up to Christmas. I hope 2015 is looking a lot brighter for you. Kittie

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Hi Sinead. Great to hear you are upbeat about 2015 - wishing you every happiness and good health. x

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