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When do we call OC treatment stops working?

I think I am about to reach the hardest part of the battle with my OC satge 4 (more than one place, two mass as well as lesions/nodules). Also me, platinum resistant, and i am in third line chem, last CT indiated generally speaking, no remission no progression...based on all your individual experinces, does it worth continue the chemo and handle the side affects with such a results (almost a year with chemo..)?

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Well there is no remission but also no progression so take the latter as a positive. Maybe your oncologist might try some other combination or you could investigate the possibility of a second opinion on your options. I do know of person who have done this in Leukaemia and as a result moved hospital. As my oncologist said at the Ova care Information day there is always hope and not to forget that. I finished Gemzar in Feb and remained on Avastin only every three weeks and the ca 125 is doing ok. I have ct scan tomorrow so will know if the scan matches the bloods. I am lucky to be able to have Avastin as I know its not available in certain areas of UK and Scotland. I would say talk to your gynae liason nurse and oncologist again and ask about options, wishing you the best


HI. Can understand the situation your mind is in now, but as there is no progression - it is static - and I would urge you to focus on the positive side. The oncologist or medical team would probably not say which option is best. However, you have coped with chemo before, and while it is not a walk in the park, do consider it an option if offered. I never expected to have to face OC second time round, but did not even question or consider not taking treatment when it happened. I only focus on the positive news following scans.... that there is no progression. I do so like to hear those words every 3 months. Still on maintenance treatment, Avastin, going on 18 months now. I refer to the treatment as my 'cocktail' as do some friends who are in the same position. Sounds so much nicer than treatment. Anyway will be thinking of you and hope that all goes well. take care, Daisies

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Thanks so much to Suzuki & Daisie for both replies ..I agree with both regarding i should look at the positive side, but i am tired and sick from the paiful side effects ..plus continue to loose weight (loosing my food appetite..)...

In addtion, in case this chemo is not working, i am think to add and start using Avastin as well, but my Dr. is little bit is warning me from the bad side effects? what do u think?


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