Update on my ovarian cyst

Hi all

Had some good news about this complex mass on my right ovary. The MDT have looked at scans etc and have decided not to remove it as all of my cancer markers are normal. They have suggested re- scan in 3 months and if it has not resolved to carry out bilateral oophrectomy at that point. They wanted me to continue on and have my spinal neurosurgery to remove a rare tumour on my spine. I am extremely relieved as having gone through CT scan and 3 weeks of hell I had convinced myself I has OC.

Do many complex cysts resolve on their own? Mine has solid component mostly.

In the meantime, I found this site to be of great support and comfort and will visit from time to time.

Sue xx

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Hello. Delighted to read your good news -- even though you still have to face neurosurgery. It still amazes me how we all over-imagine illnesses and diseases and sometimes diagnose ourselves, and of course, worry too much..

Thanks for letting us know. Not sure about complex cysts, but ask the Doctor, I am a great believer now of asking the questions & if I don't understand, I ask the medics to explain. Just pottering around, in and out of the garden, so I hope you can enjoy this lovely weather. Daisies


Thanks Daisies

I am intending to speak to GP to understand how the MDT reached their decision. I think that they will want to remove ( and probably will do), but felt my spinal surgery needed to take priority again in view of the cancer marker info. I am really pleased. Feeling lighter of heart and more able to enjoy the weather.

I am now trying to reschedule spinal surgery as it had been put back due to ovary issue. Hoping now that it can be done soon.

Enjoy your day

Sue x


I have heard that sometimes benign cysts can resolve themselves how I dont really know but I did hear it being discussed in a hospital ward some years ago. I am glad your markers are normal. As Daisies said, ask questions because us patients do not ask enough, at least I dont but I am improving. I hope you are able to enjoy the lovely weather. You are not alone in thinking the worst, we tend to worry a bit, good luck with your op and let us know how you are doing

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Thanks Suzuki


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