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Why won't my 2 year old eat?


I know children will eat when they're hungry and that it's a power thing. However, he so seldom eats it makes it impossible to have structured meal times for him. Even foods we know he loves, he either flat out refuses to eat or he will "pouch" the food like a hamster. My wife is losing her mind stressing over it and I have to say even my limits are being tested when he goes a whole day having eaten a piece of bread. He only takes breast milk at night to sleep.

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Hello Pjs27188,

Your son will be due a development review at around 2.5 years old, has he received this yet? We would be more than happy to support you with his eating and if he has not yet received his development review, we can arrange one for you sooner or a follow up if he has already had this.

If either you or mum are able to give us a call on 0300 300 0123, we will be more than happy to help you.

Hope this helps.

Pjs27188 in reply to Penny-AP

Hello Penny,

He has had a visit from a health visitor but he was born outside UK so I think that was after we had registered with the GP to get his details all up to date. I will try to call tomorrow, thanks for your reply!

Penny-APModerator in reply to Pjs27188


You are more than welcome. Yes, if you are able to give us a call, we will be able to arrange something and some support for you all.

Thank you

Probably won't help but my twins are currently going through the same ... teatime seems to be the worst.

Soul destroying but just let him get on with it, with mine, taking dummy away has helped

I've had relatives tell me they know children that have gone a week with only a piece of bread! He's happy and healthy so right now i'm less concerned but his mother gets very distraught about it. He doesn't have a dummy luckily so that's 1 thing we don;t have to ween him off. Cannot imagine how hard it is with twins!

Dray225Community Ambassador

My son has just been through this phase and has come out the other side it will get better I promise!

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