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How much should my 5 week old be feeding on hungrier baby milk?

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Hi guys I had my boy 5 weeks ago so I don't have a midwife anymore but docs are closed and forgot to ask when was up there. My boy was drinking 6oz from 3 to 4 weeks old so I changed his milk to the same make but hungrier babies milk. Hes still drinking between 6 and 7oz. We upped it due to him wanting more he does this lip thing. Is this normal for a 5 week old to be drinking thicker milk and that amount. He also suffers with colic. We tried infocol but doctor advised to leave as it will go on its on. Would maybe reducing his feed help with that tia

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Babies are all different 😊 why don’t you contact your health visitor on the just one number, that’s what they are there for 😊 x

It’s 0300 300 0123 just incase you don’t have it 😊

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Hello Oljd ,

As butterfly1989 has said, they are all different, so it is important to respond to their individual needs. If you are able to visit a library to get baby weighed, it would be useful to a weight for baby. It is possible baby is going through a bit of a growth spurt now. Baby may find it more comfortable to have smaller amounts but more frequently. Please give 0300 300 0123 a call to chat through your options.

Best Wishes, Rachel Duty Assistant Practitioner.

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Oljd in reply to Rachel-AP

See my health visitor was very rude and she also told me not to change his milk. Which I have done so bit worried of talking to her. He put on 7oz in 3 days when he last got weighed about 3 and half weeks old. The midwife saod he could have his growth spurt then so I just don't know

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Hello again Oljd, please do not worry about asking for advice. Baby is still very young and it is is important we make sure he is comfortable and you feel confident about how you are feeding your little boy. If you feel able to call in, we can access his health record and give accurate advice based on his weight charts etc. There is a wealth of information regarding infant milks on which may also help. Best wishes. Rachel

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