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Absorption of nutrition after surgery

It was a really useful talk by Stephanie, a specialist dietician, on Saturday.

She talked about the symptoms of reduced appetite, nausea, regurgitation and vomiting after the surgery; taste disturbance and food aversions, diarrhoea, steatorrhoea (ie oily, fatty stools that don't smell right - when you do not absorb fat); dumping syndrome, tiredness and pain, reduced intake and weight loss.

People who have had this surgery, especially gastrectomies, are likely to be low in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins D, B12, A, ferritin and zinc, so it is worth going to your GP to have a test for these levels in your system.

One other thing that might be worth thinking about is low glycaemic index foods. Here is a link to a website: sosg.info/diet.aspx

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Such a brilliant presentation and so clear and understandable to the lay person, very helpful to pass on information to other support group members including mine. Thanks Alan for such a good meeting yet again. Verena.


Just a little light note.. Having had an Ivor Lewis in March 2010 and now back playing golf (played my first round 6 weeks after surgery) I cannot stop myself hooking the ball, I put this down to having all of the upper body power in my left side against the weaker right side, anyway we were at a social "do" last week with a number of Doctors and others from the medical profession, we got talking as you do, inevitably talked about my surgery an then went on to Golf, I was telling this Dr about my constant hooking (she was also a golfer) when she said "I reckon I could offer you a cure" me thinking she was going to come up with a profound medical solution , merely said "Just lift you left shoulder a bit as you begin your backswing" !!!!!!!!.................and it works!!!


I'll go up to the driving range and try it!


Good link, thank you.


thank you Alan for this post which I find really useful, including the link.


I saw Stephaine today and again passed on my thanks for her most informative presentation. I also told her all the nice comments that have been made on this thread to date, and how useful Alan's link to her material has been.



Allan, wished I could have been there listened to Stephaine, all I have experienced!

Still live with every day, some of the sypmtoms have got better with time, still show their ugly head, better monthly not everday.

Should say I don't need any test's or specialist had them, the best!

Stephaine is very in the know if you have experienced all the syptoms, still!

Will help someone, music to my ears, how did she know I have had to deal with all she is talking about! Still!!


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