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Issue with picking

I have an issue with picking scabs on my skin. I've always had it, and only recently considered it could be OCD. But I'm not sure if it's bad enough to be considered OCD because in shows I've seen on TV about OCD, it's always people who deliberately sit in front of the mirror, picking at their face (or wherever) for hours, and often times even cause their own scabs. Whereas I do it more mindlessly when I'm watching TV, or sitting at the computer, etc (I've realised it's mostly when I'm bored/anxious). It's like, if I feel the roughness of the scab I really really need to scratch it off and I get a sense of great relief when I do.

Anyone have issues with picking and can shed some light on this?

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Hi Stalit, the below links have some info. I believe it is linked as I have OCD and I also skin pick.





Thanks a lot for this info. I was surprised more people didn't have much to say about this. I guess it's not as common as I thought?


I don't think the forum here is as well used as it could be? I think a lot of people skin pick. Is yours really bad? I hope you get some help with it x


Yea I have to say I really wish it was more active. On other HealthUnlcoked communities you get answers within hours. Glad you saw my post!

Mine I wouldn't say is that bad. Like I said, I don't create scabs on my skin like a lot of other OCDers do, I pick at ones that got there in other ways, making them take forever to heal.

How about you??


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