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Hello everyone

Hello my name is Lucy. I am already on a different community on HU for my Tourettes but I am going to write about my OCD on this one because it is quite severe and frustrating. I have always had symptoms... well not when I was a baby... but from about 6 years old but my Mum was told that 6 year olds couldn't get 'mental health problems'. Well they were wrong!

My OCD used to be entirely germ related but since treatment and medication it is mostly obsessive/intrusive thoughts. These can range from wanting to poke random people (real life is NOT facebook!) to thinking about throwing myself in front of a train. I wouldn't do it, I am too happy, but it is very scary.

Anyway I am borrowing internet to write this and I need to update my other blog, just thought I would introduce myself :)

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Hiya Lucy,

Lovely to welcome you to our little community. Are you getting any help or support for your OCD? We just published an interesting article about intrusive thoughts in our July magazine.

Anyway, welcome to our OCD community, and please so shout if we can help in any way.

Ashley :)

P.S. Do people still use that poke thing on Facebook.... aaah, the good old days of Facebook lol.


Well I have been poked twice... maybe my friends are old fashioned. I do get the magazine... hmm just realised need to tell them I have moved!


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