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Hi everyone!!

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How is everybody doing . Merry christmas to all🎄 i am back and have a question does anyones ocd and anxiety make them feel like they are goong crazy like your going to one day hear or see things others dont i live in fear anything scares me i feel like i hear whispering voices But then find i focus and it the tv or radio on or my kids playing i het a rush of fear all over my body my heart starts to beat fast and i get cold flashes i really feel im going to turn crazy or feel like my ocd is going to lead to Physcosis or Schizophrenia 😭

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your not alone,i feel the same,but I am alone,ive ocd but I think I might have one of those

big word things,you might have.im constantly thinking of taking my own life.its a thing I think somwere connected to one of those things you mensiond.you get the idear and it

grows.anyway that's enough of my troubles,hope things get a little better,for you.

mommyy of two.by.

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I can imagen how you feel this is terrible 🙁

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thanks for reply mother-of-two,good night.

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Here in CA USA its daytime but have a good night and dont give up keep pushing better days will come😊

I'd say that's related to something else. The voices.

I had terrible OCD for about 12 years and then one day it magically went away. There is hope. My doctor said it increases when you're highly stressed so try and find a calming activity and do it everyday (perhaps meditating? Painting? Gardening?.) Also find strategies to take your mind off of the OCD. As soon as it comes into your head, think of something else. Hope you're feeling better soon.


It went away few weeks ago my obssesions were i was terrified and in full anxiety of developing physcosis or schizophrnia all day now my ocd theme has changed to harm ocd i guess i had too much anxiety it convinced me that i was soon going to go crazy and my ears were sensitive to any little noise i panic all day long

How was your ocd mine went away for 6yrs and it came back .. what did you do ? Any advice 😕

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