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Is 3 months really enough?

My therapist is really good and helpful, and it osunds as though I am a good case for her...I understand everything she says and take everything on board. However..knowing from what she has said that I am a rare easy case I can't help but wonder if the 12 sessions the nhs will give are enough. Obviously, as my therapist pointed out, if I relapsed I could have another 12 weeks of sessions.

But, my question is, do you feel that you are given enough therapy to help you cope? I think I am doing well at the moment, but I'm pretty sure I will find it much more difficult to cope without my weekly therapy sessions.

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Hi there,

I think it's difficult to put a number on the necessary number of sessions. I know that I am very lucky with the help I have received on the NHS, although my OCD is complicated by further having depression and very low self-esteem. I would perhaps ask your therapist whether she will gradually reduce the frequency of the sessions, as I'm not sure it would be a good idea for you to go from weekly sessions to no sessions at all!


I hope someone with more knowledge on this will be along soon but as I understand it, you can continue to have CBT for as long as you need it. My therapists have given me estimates on how long they expect my CBT to last, but it hasn't been a case of if I'm not better by then I'm left to deal with it alone.

I can't help thinking it would be better if something like 'I want to be able to go out in public as my ultimate goal' was set as a marker of the end of therapy, rather than set dates. I was also panicked by the dates suggested by my therapist, although I guess the NHS is limited in its funding so maybe that's why the time scales are used?


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