For those in CBT - How long are the gaps between sessions?

I have just read of a patient having to wait months between sessions, and it is something I hear a fair bit of. My own feeling is that the gap between therapy (at the start) should be ideally weekly (45-60 minute sessions) or at worse, bi-weekly (60 minutes). As you work through therapy and make progress once a month may be appropriate, but gaps longer than that and I fear that CBT is pointless. So what do you think?

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  • I think I would agree with you Ashely. At the start when everything still feels so uncertain and up in the air then I think the sessions need to be weekly or bi-weekly. For example, if a person spends a session making progress against their OCD and then has to wait a month before receiving any more help then their OCD could easily undo all the good work they've just done. At the start when people are still learning how to challenge the thoughts and behaviours then I believe that they need the extra support a session every week or so provides.

    - Star

  • Oops, apologies for the mis-spelling of your name there!

  • Charming, like you have only known me, what, 10 years now? Lines for Mrs Star.. must spell Ashley's name right ;)

  • I did a course of cbt in gosport near portsmouth and i found the sessions were well timed, i always had them weekly until i moved back to cambridge and then i travelled once a month for the 3 final concluding sessions.

    the only thing i would say against it is i it was a little too easy to break my sessions as my therapist was more than happy for me to leave twelve weeks early, and while that was right for me i wonder if it would be right for eveyone else?

  • I am onto my final 2 sessions for now...all my other sessions have been once a week. This time she asked me to choose when I would be able to come back and so it is 3 weeks, she then said that the next one would be a week after and we would talk over relapse prevention.

  • I had sessions every 2 weeks.

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