A Great Source of Information about OCD - OCD-UK

Many of you are probably aware of NHS Choices as resource for information about OCD and other anxiety illnesses, which may well be how you found your way here in the first place, from NHS Choices. But if not you can find a basic overview here: nhs.uk/Conditions/Obsessive...

You can also find much more detailed information about OCD on our website here: ocduk.org

We also have a very active discussion forums which are moderated 24/7 on our specific forum URL here: ocdforums.org

For those wanting good self-help materials, our online shop always keeps stock of OCD titles that the charity recommends at: ocdshop.com

You can of course also follow OCD-UK on Twitter and Facebook. Just search for OCDUK on Facebook and @OCDUK on Twitter.

We also work closely with our friends across the pond, the OC Foundation ocfoundation.org and a lady that has battled OCD herself, Elizabeth McIngvale setup her own charity which perhaps mirrors OCD-UK as a charity run by people with OCD, for people with OCD, peaceofmind.com

I hope these resource links help you.



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