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Anxiety caused by obssesions

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Hy guys, can anyone help me for finding an effective natural or herbal treatment like inositol or omega 3 for anxiety and obsessions

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Inositol isn't official prescribed for OCD right now, but studies have indicated that it is safe and effective.

High doses are needed. A dose of 18 g a day is suggested. It can be obtained over the internet, but make sure you get it from a reputable supplier. There are some pretty dodgy people who sell all sorts of rubbish on the internet!

It takes a few weeks to start working so don't assume you'll feel better instantly.

Another remedy that has been found effective with some people with OCD is a daily dose of prebiotics or probiotics. Healthy gut, healthy mind! The gut does have an effect on our mental health. It's not for nothing that we talk of 'gut feelings'. A healthy diet generally should help - lots of fruit and veg and fibre.

The prebiotics and probiotics can also be got from the internet, or from a health food shop. Do a bit of research about which ones are best for OCD.

I'm no expert on these sort of remedies, but I've checked them out. I hadn't heard of inositol until quite recently, thanks to a post from another user of this forum.

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