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Mental checking


Hi there,

I am currently experiencing a flair up in my OCD where I have the fear that I am going crazy or loosing my mind. The mental compulsion that I have found myself doing is saying people names on tv in my head or recalling birthdays etc to make sure I am not loosing my memory.

I am experiencing racing thoughts, along with intrusive thoughts that are completely foreign to the type of person I am. I have learnt that thoughts are just thoughts and they do not define you. These are automatically generated by your anxious mind.

Has anyone experience this before and what type of things can I do to stop the obsessive intrusive thought of going mad?

I have tried some CBT techniques but am struggling to calm my mind. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

I have been put on Duloxetine after being on citalopram for 6 weeks and not getting on with them. I have noticed my mood has improved but my mind is active all the time with racing intrusive thoughts. It’s hard to nail down if it’s the meds or not but I am reluctant to keep changing meds as I have been changed quite a lot.

Many thanks,


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There is also the huge element of trying to get reassurance all the time

Anna_10 in reply to ScottyG2K20

I totally understand what you are saying here too. I constantly seek reassurance, it makes me feel a bit more at ease. Take care. :0)

Having OCD does involve an over active mind, like a hamster in a wheel, constantly on the move but not getting anywhere!

The intrusive thoughts are part of it. Most people have really random thoughts that are often downright weird and often unpleasant, that, like with you, don't represent the sort of person they are. But they float in and out. Having OCD means you hold onto them, give them meaning they don't deserve, are worried by them. It makes them stick and they can be hard to shake off.

I know how it feels to feel you must be going mad! But OCD is quite different from 'madness'. Remember that it is just OCD. And that OCD can take over your mind and make it feel like you are going mad. But the rational part of your brain is still there.

The reassurance thing is also common to OCD. The irony is that the more reassurance you get, the more you want. It's as though a tiny doubt always remains, and demands more reassurance. CBT can teach us not to demand it, to be satisfied with a little doubt.

Meds can be problematic. I've been on sertraline for some years and it suits me and I was lucky that I haven't had to mess about with different meds. But many people do struggle with meds. How long have you been taking the duloxetine? It normally takes at least a month for meds to kick in properly. Best to allow at least six weeks.

But meds can only take you so far. CBT is necessary as well. Getting CBT is difficult right now but perhaps you could get a self help book that uses CBT techniques.

And remember that you will have periods of well being as well as flare ups.

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